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Arezu Sabreze Explains What A Good Business Management Team Is


Many investors want to put their money into people as much as into the idea of a start-up. But what makes a great management team? How should people run their business? I asked London based entrepreneur, Arezu Sabreze, on what she thinks as she advises so many start-ups and companies on how to run their businesses and how to create a successful brand. Here's what she said….

“I was having lunch with friend who works for a company that is now turning over £5 million a year after incorporating only 5 years ago. Their products were in the market before so their idea is not wholly unique, but their management is in a different league to others. The business is divided between a management team comprised of a creator and an executor. One creates the ideas, design of their concept and brand while the other simply executes them. It may seem fairly simple to do this, but so many management teams or business owners fail because they try to do it all when they are not made to do it both – as some people by nature are creators and others are executors. When you realise this and decide who has the strength to do what by being honest with yourself, then you are half way there to success. It is also easy to fall into the trap of paying a PR agency thousands to promote your business and hope that they will do most of the execution, and if by the end of three years you are only say in £50K in profit, then it is time to realise that you need to change your management team and strategy if you want to make millions rather than just survive..”


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