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Gasifier Balance of Plant (BoP) Components Market Report, 2014-2020

Gasifier Balance of Plant BoP Components Market Report, 2014-2020

Gasification is centuries old proven technology which is now rapidly evolving in energy conversion and chemical production sector. Gasification is a process in which carbon- rich feedstock is raised to high temperatures in an oxygen deficient environment; this causes the feedstock to break down thermochemically. Balance of plant is a critical part of the gasifier which accounts for approximately 40% of the investment in generation capacity addition. Each Balance of Plant (BoP) activity comprises components like civil works, structural works, electro-mechanical equipment, and control and instrumentation. With rising oil prices and global increasing demand of energy generation this technology is now being adopted in both industrial as well as household sector, especially in the rural areas. Gasifier technology is now evolving in a number of sectors such as bulk power generation, oil refining and energy, municipal waste treatment and as a method of power generation in both grid connected and off- grid areas.

The demand for low cost energy and increasing gasifier installations are the primary drivers enhancing investments in this industry. BoP play a crucial role in optimizing the cost of a gasifier, there are chances of cost reduction if expenditure on BoP is monitored consistently. These systems are critical structures which affect the timely commissioning of a gasifier. The rising environmental constraints form a crucial part in designing of the gasifier. The Balance of Plant has to be carefully designed and constructed to comply with the environmental regulations. The initial investment costs are also moderately low when compared to other sources of power generation such as wind and solar, which encourages investment in this market. The natural gas prices will directly influence the demand for gasifiers in the future. Production of shale gas might lower the prices of natural gas which would prove to be a market restraint for growth of gasifier market.

The gasifier balance of plant market can be segmented on the basis of stage of construction, design and application of the process. On the basis of stage of construction the market can be categorized as pre-reactor, gasification and post-reactor. On the basis of design it can be segmented as updraught, downdraught, cross- draught, fluidized bed, entrained bed, molten bed and double fired. Coal to energy & liquid, waste to energy, petcoke residuals, bio-mass to energy & liquid and plasma are the primary application areas of this technology. The balance of plants may slightly differ based on the design and application of the gasifier to be constructed.

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