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Three Reasons to Choose Realbiz Media's Microvideo App to Promote Your Listings


Choosing which marketing platform to promote your listings is challenging due to an abundance of online marketing applications. But one platform that is worth considering in the world of online real estate marketing is Realbiz Media Group, Inc.’s (OTCQB: RBIZMicrovideo App (MVA), which is increasingly being used by agents across America. Jordan Scheltgen, a member the company’s digital marketing team, breaks down the top three reasons the application has managed to become the darling marketing application of the sector in a downloadable presentation titled, “SEO/VSEO in the New Era of Real Estate (What Agents Need to Know).”

1.      It’s SEO-powered.

Scheltgen said search engine optimization goes beyond uploading content to your site—it involves providing rich and valuable content that engage website visitors. “A website without SEO is similar to creating a commercial and not buying airtime,” said Scheltgen.

“Your website needs to be constantly updated providing high quality and highly contextual content to prospective readers. This is where SEO comes into play. SEO and VSEO through our MVA’s allow for your site to rank higher in search engines,” he said.

Search engines love websites with rich snippets (a sentence or two that summarizes what your website is all about) and pages that provide great user experience. The MVA automatically supplies the meta tags and descriptions for your microsite that are easily read by search engines to help the site come up higher on results.  

2.      It’s centered on videos.

Realtors reported a 40 percent profit growth due to video marketing, according to the presentation. How was that possible? It all lies in user engagement.

As mentioned earlier, search engines are fond of websites that create great user experience. When website visitors stay on a page longer, search engines interpret it as a sign of higher user engagement. That’s what Realbiz Media’s MVA platform banks on.

“By allowing a potential customer to watch a video regarding your listing, not only have you enhanced their personal experience, but your site has sent a positive indicator to the search engines regarding your site’s level of engagement,” Scheltgen said.

Not only that, the MVA embeds the videos in the microsites with appropriate metadata relating to your listings, brand, company or location. These metadata allow your listings to reach potential customers easier when they make an online search.

3.      It’s optimized for mobile viewing.

Citing results from a Google survey, the presentation stated that 72 percent of consumers prefer websites that are mobile-friendly and adapt to the browser settings of smart phones and tablet PCs. And because more people are going online through their mobile devices, search engines have started to place value on mobile-responsive web pages, ranking them higher in search results. The Microvideo App platform allows agents to create mobile-capable video microsites, which have a greater chance of turning up atop search engine results than most websites (96 percent of websites aren’t mobile-capable according to Search Engine Watch).

In any circumstances, only the fittest survive, and the same is true in the real estate game. To stay afloat, it is important for real estate agents to learn how to leverage new technologies like the MVA in real estate marketing. For more information on Realbiz Media, contact or call 1.888.REAL.BIZ (888.732.5249). 

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