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Instagram Services that can Greatly Benefit your Business


Today, social media is playing a leading role in business expansion and to get the full benefits that your business deserves you should try to take advantage of every opportunity on their platform to ensure great profitability. Instagram services are now growing in popularity and so you need to position your business so that you can cash in on benefits this social media site has to offer.

Instagram has a number of photo services that you can take advantage of to grow your business. Using these services will let your business stand out as well as attract more customers. The best place to buy Instagram tools is at Hypez, which can be found at

The NailSnapes Kick Starter

The NailSnapes Kick Starter is one of Instagram’s services latest creations. This tool will take your photos and turn them into “polish stickers” that you can easily use with the help of your fingernails. You have your own templates designed by you and once you have your templates ready Instagram will print them and send them to you by mail. Though the NailSnapes Kick Starter will cost you a little money, using it to highlight your photos is a worthwhile way to send the right message to your customers.


Buying Coastermatic to get your photos seen by customers is a powerful way to advertise your services. Coastermatic takes your ready photos and print them on real coasters made of stone. To make this tool work you will have to crop your photos into circular shapes. Your circular shaped stone photos will add attraction to your products and make customers want to spend their money. tool will see to it that your oil portrait appears on canvas. Instagram employs qualified artists from China to make your portraits look photorealistic. Prices vary and you pay according to the amount of people in the photograph.


Paying a small amount for Boomf service will add value to your business. Boomf operates by printing your photos on edible marshmallows. Now you can have people literally eating your photos, which is a great way of spreading the word about your business.


Instathis will produce your photos on wood, aluminum and stone coasters. However, the most attractive photos that Instathis produces are those that are on wood. These Instathis photos come in different sizes and you can keep them in an affordable frame.


Imagesnap is designed to create high quality photos that are of ceramic types. They carry out this function in two ways, which are namely glossy and matte. Both these types of finishes function differently. Glossy finish allows the image to have a great look while matte finish will give the finished product durability.


You can use Postagram to send your post cards anywhere you desire. It turns your pictures into beautiful post cards that will make your business stand out. Customers, friends or family members on receiving your post card will have the shock of their life when they see the photo pop from the card.              


People love to see photos when they read. Projecteo will make your photos show on a slide in order to make customers show more interest in what they read. With the aid of a miniscule projector, your customers can enjoy a great photo conversation piece.

Using Instagram Services can add value to your business as well as increase profitability. Your business can be in the top performing companies and you can watch your profits roll in.  

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