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Four operating elements of the double roller crusher


The double roll crusher is mainly used to crush the medium hardness and brittle materials, such as the limestone ,coal and other materials. In the process of crushing operation, there are some special points that need to pay attention to.Now,we will introduce four operating elements of the double roller crusher as follows.

1 .Screen before crushing the materials,and equip the inlet with the iron removal equipment

In the production, if some non-broken items fall into the double rollers and can not pass through the double roller crusher, they will be turned over repeatedly between the double rollers ,because which can cause the double roller damage easily, and even cause the downtime of the equipment and shorten the service life of the double rollers. Therefore, before using the crusher, you can install the iron removal equipment on the inlet to extend the service life of the double rollers effectively.

2 , Pay attention to prevent clogging when the materials have high moisture

When crushing the materials which has large moisture content and too much viscous , the phenomenon of the material adhesion or block will appear. At this time, you should stop in time and process it in view of the blocking reason , and you should not stab the mine in the double roller crusher directly when it is running , in order to avoid damage to the equipment, because which even lead the stabbing mine medium to rupturing within the device, and cause more serious production accidents .

3. Use the lubricants to prolong the service life of wearing parts

Inspect the lubricants in the equipment when you use the double roller crusher every time, to prevent the double roller bearings wearing out due to the lack of the lubricants .

4 . Maintain and overhaul the equipment regularly

After the double roller crusher is put into use, you shpould maintain and repair the equipment regularly, to maintain the steady production capacity of the equipment


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