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The maintenance of the roller crusher's bearing


The bearing of the roller crusher is one of the important components of the crushing equipment, it must be maintained regularly to prolong the service life of the crusher's bearing and improve the performance of the crusher equipment .

1. Coat the fixed contact on the surface with the lubricant ,and coat the movable surface with the thin oil before installing the crusher bearing. After the bearings are installed , the outer ring must be coated with the special lubricants for the bearings .

2.Cover all the surface of the roller,when coating the lubricant , after coating, recovery the position of the outer ring and cover the roller with the plastic to prevent the dust.

3. When cleaning the bearings, first put the bearing into the oil, brush off the dirt on the surface of the bearing with the brush, then heat the oil appropriately, and then clean the roll ball and loophole in the bearing.

4 .Check the crusher regularly, if the bearings wear out less, they can be conducted on a lathe and turned into the right geometry shape. At the same time,you should pay attention to the clearances between the eccentric shaft and the bearing, the spindle and the bearing, if they are more than 1.5 times, they should be replaced or adjusted by padding.


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