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Announcements for the installation of the dryer machine riding wheel


Riding wheel equipment of the dryer machine is also called the supporting equipment of the dryer machine, which is mainly used for bearing the weight of the barrel and plays an important rule in improving the efficiency of the dryer machine. If the riding wheel was not correctly installed, it would not only affects the drying work of the device severely, but also leads to abrasion and deformation of the riding wheel equipment, increases the change frequency of the riding wheel and the production cost of the enterprise. To avoid this problem, we must notice the announcements in the installation process before using the dryer machine and install the riding wheel correctly. Only in this way can we complete the material drying. Let us learn about announcements for the installation of the dryer machine riding wheel below together.

1. When installing and debugging the device, adjust the central line of the riding wheel and the barrel equal to make them form a proper included angle. So when the riding wheel rotates, it forms a axial component velocity to the barrel, that is to say there is a axial force counteracting the sliding force of the barrel to make the barrel can not produce axial movement easily.

2. The deviation of the riding wheel base’s cross central line and the designing position can not exceeds 1.5 millimeters. Besides, the axial central line of the two bearing base must be in a straight line and the deviation can not exceeds 0.5 millimeter. The inclination of the installed barrel conforms to the requirements and make sure the accuracy of the two high and low riding wheel base standard height.

3. After installing the riding wheel, put the high moisture material dryer machine. Measure the connecting condition of the riding wheel and the roller ring by pressure lead method and adjust them further.

4. Wedge a iron plate between the supporting base plate and the base of the riding wheel device to adjust the level and height of the base plate.

5. The axial lead of the two driving riding wheel should be parallel.

6. Coaxial degree tolerance of the riding wheel axle and the input axis of the speed reducer can not exceeds 0.2 millimeter.

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