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What Latest Trends in Real Estate Will Stay?


What are the latest trends in real estate that are sure to stay? According to ACL Real Estate and Property Management, these are energy efficient homes, online listings, and premium lifestyle amenities.


As the real estate market improves with the economy, which has led to increased purchasing power, the industry can expect an increase in the purchase of properties offering quality features.


Buyers are also becoming more conscious of the environment and the need to be more energy efficient, resulting in buildings that have solar energy capabilities or houses with energy saving technology.


Energy efficiency is sure to add to the value of a property since it is currently in demand.


ACL said buyers are also seeking better lifestyles, apartment and condo units with walking and jogging trails, as well as playgrounds and gyms.


Such change in consumer sentiment could also be seen in other industries such as food where healthier ingredients are given a premium.


In addition to these features, buyers are also increasingly utilizing online websites and listings to find properties.


“More and more real estate firms have online listing and home owners are increasingly listing their properties on these online platforms. Home buyers and even renters are looking for options online and contacting agents and owners through these online portals,” reported.


Like ACL, RealBiz Media Group (OTC: RBIZ) has its own listing web sites catering to the needs of thousands of brokers and agents using the portal. However, a value-added offered by the media group is the creation of videos and virtual tours.


Through its videos and virtual tours, prospective buyers are able to view a property’s special features, be it energy efficient technology or amenities such as swimming pools and gyms.


Its Video-based Marketing Platforms are now being used by 15,350 agents and have resulted in 24,000 videos being created and published.


Meanwhile, 24,637 agents are active in using RealBiz’s more popular Virtual tour-based platforms, which has created 113,092 published listings.


The company also has its own listings website that features its videos and virtual tours. hosts around 1.6 million videos with viewers spending an average six minutes and 53 seconds.


Over the last month, page views of the webs ite have increased by 196 percent with each visitor visiting almost five pages per turn.


RealBiz is a real estate digital media and technology company with a client base of 350,000 real estate agents and brokers.

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