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Pacific Shore Eyes Thermal-Aid, Nature-Cide Distribution in Asia, Middle East


Pacific Shore Holdings, Inc. (PSHR) is bullish in its prospects for the next few years after announcing its new distribution plans in the United States and the rest of the world.

Pacific Shore founder and chief executive officer Matthew Mills recently revealed that the environment-friendly company’s Thermal-Aid and Nature-Cide product lines would soon be distributed across the country and in Asia, as well as other regions.

He said many distribution companies are now inquiring the possibilities of marketing the products in Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan. There were also inquiries that came from Mexico and Dubai.

“We have entered into a distribution program with major distribution players that has three different arms of distribution, including Independent Medical and AssuraMed which are owned by Cardinal Health,” Mills said in a recent interview.

Cardinal Health is a Fortune 500 health care company that bought AssuraMed for $2.07 billion last year in a bid to tap the fast-growing home health care segment. AssuraMed, which reported having $1 billion in annual sales, owns Edgepark Medical Supply and Independence Medical Supply, as well as Invacare Supply Group. Overall, the company distributes 30,000 products to more than 1 million patients in America.

“The deal with this major distribution network will target pharmacies at grocery stores like Ralphs Supermarkets, our most successful supermarket chain partner on the West Coast. Ralphs is the West Coast’s version of Kroger supermarket. Those distribution venues could produce 10’s of millions in sales in the next three years,” Mills said.

He pointed out that there is strong demand for their products since there are only a few companies that focus on the “green scene space” and others who manufacture such products limit themselves to one sector only.

“We created products in billion dollar sectors. Thermal-Aid is sitting in a billion dollar sector where there is limited competition. Nature-Cide is also in a billion-dollar industry. We have pesticides that cost less than poisons sold by other pesticide companies. We make products that are affordable to everybody. We have a very unique strategy that is unlike any other company out there,” he said.

Thermal-Aid is range of natural heating and cooling packs that address fever, headache and other bodily pains. It has also been tested on patients with arthritis, fibromyalgia, broken bones, multiple sclerosis, migraine, back pain and muscle aches.

As with other Pacific Shore products, what sets Thermal-Aid further apart from other similar products is that it is made from natural terrycloth cotton and processed corn kernel, which is able to hold temperatures for long periods of time.

Among the product range’s bestselling item is the headache relief system, which includes a natural headache relief cream.

Meanwhile, Nature-Cide is a line of 100% safe pesticides made from essential oils. The sprays are safe to use on clothes, pets and plants. The brand features separate sprays for bed bugs, fleas and ticks, indoor and outdoor pests, including rodents and reptiles. The products were developed through the Nature-Cide Pest Management, which services homes in southern California. Because of the essential oils, the sprays smell nice to humans and pets but aversive to pests and insects.

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