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Check Your Credit/Debit Cards For "BLS Weblearn" Scam


Credit card fraud is nothing new. It has been around since the plastic money was first widely used. What has changed over the years is how hackers and thieves get a hold of your credit card information and what they can do with it. Anytime you swipe your card or enter in your card number online during a transaction, you run the risk of someone getting a hold of your information and stealing your money. There have been many infamous scams and schemes over the years, and one of the most recent is gaining a lot of attention as more and more people fall victim to it. It is called the BLS Weblearn Scam.

What is the BLS Weblearn Scam?

This is a new scam thieves are using to get credit card information and it involves bogus low cost charges that are made to your account by a company called “BLS Weblearn.” This scam appears to be a global phenomenon as victims have come from around the world. The charges are generally small amounts less than $15 dollars and are for odd amounts such as $11.14 and $13.46.  The name of BLS Weblearn appears to be from a company in Malta and some of the transactions have included a 1-888 number, which may work or it may not work when called.

What are the scammers trying to do?

When the thieves behind BLS Weblearn charge the odd amount to your card, they are testing it to see if it is a valid card numberand if you have money available. If that charge goes through they will then use the card for other purchases or they will sell your number on the black market and someone else will use your money and your credit. If you do not notice that initial fraudulent charge in time, you could end up with thousands of dollars in charges and end up with your accounts maxed out! So it’s worth heeding the following advice:

Stay vigilant about your card statements

It can be annoying, time consuming, and downright depressing to look over statements that tell you how much money you owe and how little money is in your account, however it is very important and absolutely necessary that you do this every month! Ideally, you want to check your bank and credit accounts several times a week, so you will know right away if fraudulent charges are being made to your account. The longer fraudulent chargesgo unnoticed, the harder it is to rectify the situation, get your money back, and the more time you will spend straightening things out. Keep on top of things and you will be better prepared to deal with trouble should it arise.

Keep an eye on all transactions

When reviewing the statements each week, be mindful of the name of the company as well as the amount. Some scams use the same exact dollar amount and company name while others could use multiple company names and various dollar amounts. For example, you may see a charge for ‘online vendor’ and think it was from an eBay purchase you made. However, the dollar amount reads $12.30 and you know you paid only $10 Dollars for that item. You have a red flag here that needs to be looked into! So pay close attention to everything that is on your statements.

Immediately report the fraud

Whenever you think you may have found a fraudulent charge on your account, call the bank or Credit Card Company right away. The longer you wait the harder it will be to set things right. Also, as pointed out before, if you do not take action soon enough you may end up with many more fraudulent charges on your account and a lot more hassle and headache. So take action as soon as you realize there is a problem!

Make sure you take the precautions necessary to protect yourself- use proper internet security like Immunet, Trend Microand Antivirus Microsoft Security Essentials, read your statements carefully, watch out for fraudulent charges, and stay in touch with your bank or Credit Card Company.  You can save yourself a lot of hassle and trouble by taking a few preventative measures and being watchful at all times for scams like the BLS Weblearn Scam.

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