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Cloud IQ Explains Cart Recovery in Four Easy Steps and Why it is Important for Businesses


Cloud IQ explains cartRecovery in four easy steps.  CartRecovery uses an innovative system to remarket lost sales and boost online revenues.

London, UK – 05/02/2014 – Did you know that an effective cart recovery solution can help increase revenue by 5%? This information plus more was revealed by Cloud IQ in their website to help retailers understand the importance of having a cart recovery solution in their business strategy. With 75% of all online sales abandoned before purchase, the company provides a solution to reduce cart abandonment and help increase revenue. They offer cartRecovery, an online platform that identifies and reduces cart abandonment rate. As stated on their website, the tool is an online dashboard that captures real time data to accurately provide sales report. To help retailers understand how cart recovery works, they’ve provided an illustrated explanation that shows the process in four easy steps.

The first step happens when a prospect enters the client’s website and uses a cart. The contact information inputted by the prospect is captured by the computer and will be later used for remarketing purposes. When the prospect is unable to finish the sale, the stored information will then be passed to the second step. The second step consists of remarketing the sale through different channels which are email, mobile and voice. In the third step, the prospect receives a message that reminds them of the unfinished purchase. In most cases, cart abandonment occurs when a prospect is distracted from the sale causing him to forget it midway. The message serves as a reminder if he intends to finish the sale or not. If the prospect has no intention to buy, another message is sent to help the prospect look for what he specifically needs or promote other alternatives. Lastly, the fourth step is where the prospect returns to the cart and completes the order.

The company added that abandoned sales are 10 times more likely to convert than other site visitors. That’s why they strongly believe that a cart recovery solution is important for every online store. For more information, Please visit

About Cloud IQ

Cloud IQ is an online cart abandonment specialist that provides cart recovery solutions and services. The company is located at 35 Kingsland Rd, Shoreditch, London, E2 8AA, United Kingdom. Their number is +44 (0)845 498 9426 and email address is .

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35 Kingsland Rd, Shoreditch,
London, E2 8AA, United Kingdom
Phone no: +44 (0)845 498 9426
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