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The Nine Circles of Economic Hell Logan's Inferno

The Nine Circles of Economic Hell Logan's Inferno

1. Limbo: Fiscal Cliff, Long Term Budget, Jobs Plan

2. Lust: For money from Donors and everyone's lust for wanting more, more, more and now!!!

3.Gluttony: Over consume, borrower and not wanting to live within our means

4.Greed: being over leveraged, capital ratios 20-1 30-1 40-1 50-1 60-1 70-1 and having no capital to back it up when times get tough ( List is too long to write)

5.Anger: So much time wasted fighting each other that we forget we are on the same team. Blinds us from making choices for the people

6.Heresy: Stuck on one economic belief and not working with others because of it.

7.Violence: Will see its ugly face here in the US if the we have a debt blow up. The government then will be forced into making extreme difficult decisions.

8. Fraud: List is too long

9.Treachery: What congress is doing to the American People everyday because they aren't working together. Hence a 10% approval

Logan Mohtashami is a senior loan officer at his family owned mortgage company AMC Lending Group, which has been providing mortgage services for California since 1988.


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