This Tesla Model Is Rated 'Most Efficient EV' In The US

This Tesla Model Is Rated 'Most Efficient EV' In The US

Not only is Tesla Inc. TSLA known for making some of the most popular electric vehicles, but they're also known for making smaller batteries than the competition can.

These batteries enable the vehicles to go the same, or even greater, distances on a full charge. And it seems like Tesla is keeping up this trend with its lowest-cost vehicle.

The RWD Model 3 is the most efficient EV available in the U.S., according to Tesmanian. The most efficient EVs, and the RWD Model 3, top a U.S. Department of Energy list at 132MPGe.

Second place goes to the Lucid Air at 131MPGe, and Tesla rounds out the top 3 with the Model Y achieving 129MPGe.

The efficiency of an EV compared to a gas car is no question, with drivers spending far less energy per mile to drive electric versus gas. For comparison, the RWD Model 3 can travel approximately 264 miles on the equivalent of two gallons of gas. Try doing that in any gas car.

But now that more competition is coming in the electric space, manufacturers will have to set themselves apart by making increasingly efficient electric vehicles. 

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