Panasonic Ships 4680 Battery Samples for Tesla Inspection

During Tesla Inc's TSLA battery day in 2020, the company unveiled its 4680 battery cells. These bigger cells would allow the EV maker to pack more energy in the same size vehicle at a lower cost, thus lowering price, while also increasing range and efficiency.

But almost two years later, there are no known 4680 vehicles on the road. Tesla is now working to scale up 4680 production at its Texas factory, but is not selling cars to the public from this factory with the new cells quite yet. Meanwhile, as shared by Reuters, Panasonic is sending its first 4680 samples for Tesla to preview.

While Tesla is looking to produce its own 4680 cells, it will simultaneously rely on partners to help fill demand. Tesla's relationship with Panasonic is long standing.

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"A pilot line, created first in Japan, made it possible to start large-scale prototype production in May," said Kazuo Tadanobu, CEO of the Panasonic's energy business.

Panasonic hopes to start full scale production next year in Japan before bringing lines to North America. Panasonic confirmed that it has sent its first 4680 samples to Tesla for preview as it prepares for a large surge of battery pack production for the North American market. 

Photo courtesy of Tesla

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