Updated Tesla Cybertruck Pictures Could Come Next Month: Musk


When Tesla Inc's TSLA Cybertruck was revealed, many didn't believe the oddly shaped vehicle was real. The triangular, stainless steal pickup truck looked more like a futuristic concept, but Elon Musk was serious about releasing the vehicle that was unveiled on stage.

Now almost a year later, Musk has said new pictures of the Cybertruck will be revealed in about a month that show some of the slight changes and improvements the company has made since the reveal.

One change that Musk confirmed was a matte black color option. He also said the Cybertruck will be available in multiple colors via heat treating.

Benzinga's Take: Updated pictures for the Cybertruck will be great. Many are still skeptical the strange-looking vehicle can be a success, but Musk has said he wants it to be even better than what was revealed.

If there are improvements in size, styling, efficiency, or customization options, it could help attract more customers for the Cybertruck.

Photo courtesy of Tesla

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