Elon Musk Confirms Cybertruck Can Come in Multiple Colors

As construction starts on the Tesla Inc TSLA Gigafactory in Austin, Texas, Tesla fans are looking forward to receiving their Tesla Cybertruck. A new tweet from CEO Elon Musk confirms the truck's cold-rolled stainless steel can be given various colors with a simple heat treatment.

Responding to a fan asking if Cybertruck's steel can be tempered, Musk simply responded "Yes." Stainless steel can be tempered many different shades, depending on the temperature used. This would give a permanent look to the metallic surface

Benzinga's Take: This is great news for fans that weren't initially impressed with Cybertruck's looks. The stainless steel look was quite controversial at the reveal, and the lack of paint took away one of the main customization options on a vehicle. Many fans also are looking forward to putting a custom wrap on their Cybertruck, which is an option Musk endorsed back in April.

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