Financial Advisor Marketing: Outsourcing Versus Doing It Yourself

In the latest of That Makes Cents, an eMoney Advisor podcast powered by Benzinga, Benzinga’s Spencer Israel speaks with Christine Golden, chief marketing officer of SigniFi, and Davin Carey, financial planning consultant at Avantax Planning Partners.

Every financial advisor wanting to market themselves and their practice will have to eventually answer the same question: who is going to be responsible for my marketing?

Do you handle it yourself? Hire a marketing officer? Outsource to a firm that specializes in advisor marketing to do it for you? 

These are all viable options depending on the needs of each advisor, their practice, and who they serve. But if you’ve never got down this road before, it can be very difficult to figure out which path to take. 

That’s what SigniFi Chief Marketing Officer Christine Golden and Avantax Financial Planning Consultant Davin Carey discuss in this episode of That Makes Cents. 

Among the topics discussed:

  • What options exist for advisors when it comes to marketing? (5:00)
  • How might different types of advisory businesses take different approaches to marketing? (13:00)
  • The biggest marketing mistakes advisors make (20:20)

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