NASA Collaborates With Meta To Create Realistic VR Experience Of Tonight's Moon Launch

NASA, Meta Platforms Inc. META and three other tech shops are creating history by streaming a space launch in real-time virtual reality for the first time to a global audience. 

What Happened: NASA’s unmanned Artemis 1 test flight to the Moon will lift off into space in a few hours and you can watch it in real-time VR, according to Participants will feel as if they are standing near the Artemis mission as it lifts off. 

For the first time in 50 years, NASA’s Artemis Program is aiming to take humans back to the Moon. This test flight is to ensure manned missions are as safe as possible.

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Images and sound of the Artemis liftoff will be broadcast in ultra-high-definition to Meta Horizon Worlds venues and Space Explorers Facebook page. The full 360-degree streaming will also be available via 5G in several locations and planetarium domes across the globe.

Emmy-winning Montreal-based VR shop Felix & Paul Studios is responsible for this historical moment with technical support from cloud-based streaming collaboration outfit and aerospace photography expert FlightLine Films. Together, they will create an up-close, realistic viewing experience, the report stated. 

In this case, “enables real-time assembly and the distribution of content across multiple platforms such as immersive domes or movie theaters, AR/VR devices, social media channels, and live broadcasts,” CTO Johan Romero said. 

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