HeartCore Reveals World's First 12K-Compatible Real-time 360° VR Camera

HeartCore Enterprises, Inc. HTCR announced that it has launched “truRes-12K”, the world’s first 12k-compatible real-time 360° virtual reality camera.

With the recent growing popularity of augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and the metaverse, there have been a number of solutions that have come to market for consumers to use, especially 360° VR cameras. A majority of the existing cameras in the market are in 4K, which provides a lower quality view of the full virtual experience.

More recently, developers have launched 8K VR cameras which are an upgrade from 4K VR cameras, but still lack several key features in creating a fully optimal augmented and virtual experience. Numerous reports have been filed by both users of 4K and 8K VR cameras to have experienced motion sickness, headaches, and many other issues as a result of low image quality.

In an effort to combat this problem, HeartCore developed the first-ever 12K VR camera that provides users with higher-quality VR and AR images, by combining a camera, chipset, stitching processing technology, and compression technology. The Company intends to market and sell its truRes-12K camera to businesses focused on the following industries: medical, manufacturing, aerospace, ecommerce and travel.

“The ‘truRes-12K’ camera gets its name from a combination of the words ‘true’ and ‘resolution,’ as it provides the user with ultra-high quality images for a true and immersive VR experience,” said CEO Sumitaka Kanno (Yamamoto). “With the growing concerns and side-effects of VR stemming from low-quality images and antiquated cameras, we decided to develop a state-of-the-art camera to provide users with an experience that is very close to reality. The use of our processing and compression technology allows for us to create such a product that has not yet been available to the market. Our goal here at HeartCore is to impress our customers with exceptional products and services, and we are confident that the truRes-12K will be very well received by our customers. Looking ahead, we plan to go beyond 12K technology and develop more advanced products, with even higher image qualities and features, as future technologies may permit.”

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