Amazon Plans Hourly Pay Cut For UK Yard Marshals: Business Insider

Amazon Plans Hourly Pay Cut For UK Yard Marshals: Business Insider
  • Inc AMZN aims an hourly pay cut of up to 23% for some of its U.K. yard marshals, who manage the trucks and drivers that arrive at Amazon delivery stations and warehouses, Business Insider reports.
  • The proposed cut would align the U.K. with the company's pay structure in the rest of Europe, where yard marshals earn the same as warehouse workers. Amazon also offered the affected marshal supervisor jobs at their current pay rate or alternative roles. Amazon allowed temporary workers the option to apply for permanent positions, including new supervisory roles, Yard Marshalls in the revised part, or an alternative role within Amazon, depending on vacancies.
  • Amazon was reportedly not offering enough supervisor roles to go around.
  • Additionally, supervisor roles on offer at one facility were only for day shifts and paid less than a marshal's current night-shift role.
  • A marshal admitted that the current pay only covered the food, car insurance, and phone bills. Now he will have to defer the mortgage and marriage plans due to the update.
  • Amazon was discussing the proposed pay cut with yard marshals at delivery stations.
  • Amazon will not cut the pay for the marshals at fulfillment centers or sorting centers as they worked for lesser pay.
  • Amazon permanently employed over 200-yard marshals at U.K. delivery stations.
  • Price Action: AMZN shares traded lower by 1.67% at $3,349 in the premarket session on the last check Tuesday.

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