Stella Artois Wants You To Invest In Adventures, Experiences And Memories

Beer company Stella Artois wants the public to take a step back from their stock portfolios and remember what is a more important investment.

What Happened: Stella Artois, one of the many beer brands under Anheuser Busch Inbev SA's BUD umbrella, launched a new mock financial services company called Stella Mutual. The objective is to remind people to invest in experiences, memories and adventures.

"We've all heard mutual funds tell you to start investing your dollars today for your future," Stella Artois VP of Marketing Lara Krug said in the press release. "Taking this novel concept beyond Wall Street, Stella Mutual invites people to invest in their relationships and time with one another to build a strong future."

Stella is teaming up with Reddit co-founder and Seven Seven Six Founder Alexis Ohanian to better inspire people to "invest their valuable time and happiness into savoring life's moments with those that matter most through Stella Mutual." The company is offering prizes as part of a contest running through April 1.

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Why It's Important: Stella's marketing campaign fits in with Anheuser's broader message of emphasizing the connection people make over a beer. For example, an Anheuser commercial showcasing its many brands during the Super Bowl featured the tagline: "It's never just about the beer. It's about being together."

What's Next: The rate of return on investing in friends and family with a Stella beer will generate memories "that will be savored for a lifetime."

(Photo: Stella Artois)

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