PlayStation 5 Is So Hard To Get, People Are Robbing Moving Delivery Trucks

Like something straight out of “The Fast and The Furious” movie franchise, thieves are targeting moving delivery trucks to steal PlayStation 5s.

What Happened: The Times is reporting gangs in the United States have increased the “rollover” technique used to steal items like PlayStation 5s, mobile phones and cosmetics from moving delivery trucks.

The move involves multiple cars boxing in a moving delivery truck. A person leaves from the back car attached with a rope and gains access to the back door of the truck and then throws items from the truck back to the vehicle following behind.

Police in the UK have warned delivery companies and are suggesting adding security or alternate routes.

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Why It's Important: The PlayStation 5 from Sony Corporation SNE has been selling well and caused supply chain problems due to demand.

IGN reports AMZN has increased security for warehouses and delivery drivers.

The demand for the PlayStation 5 could help Sony have a strong holiday season in what one expert told Benzinga could be the last great console war.

SNE Price Action: Shares of Sony closed Monday down 1.1% to $93.36.

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