PG&E Installs Its First Tesla Megapacks

Back in July, PG&E Corporation PCG announced it was working with Tesla Inc TSLA on the installation of a massive 182.5MW, 730MWh battery storage facility. Now, a tweet from PG&E says the first megapacks have been installed, and the company hopes to have the giant battery operational in the first half of 2021.

The extra-large battery will be used to help meet peak energy demands. It can store excess solar and wind energy generated when demand is low, and then use that energy as demand picks up, even if solar and wind is not available. The system includes 256 Tesla Megapack battery units.

The system can run at maximum capacity for up to four hours, and PG&E’s agreement with Tesla allows a system size upgrade that would increase the capacity of the system up to six continuous hours or 1.1-Gigawatt hour.

Photo courtesy of Tesla.

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