Google Kicks Out Financial Blog ZeroHedge From Advertising Platform Over Racism, Warns The Federalist

Alphabet Inc. GOOGL GOOG subsidiary Google LLC has banned right-wing financial publication ZeroHedge from its advertising platform, NBC News reported Tuesday.

Racist Content In Comments Caused Violation

ZeroHedge was notified by the search engine giant last week over policy violation in the comments section on its platform and subsequently removed from its advertising platform, Google confirmed to NBC.

The Federalist was also warned of policy violations in its comments section, a spokesperson for Google told NBC. The conservative-leaning publication was asked to take action against the violations within three days, or it would risk getting demonetized.

According to NBC, the comments concerned made racist remarks against people who were protesting in the aftermath of George Floyd's death.

Why It Matters

This isn't the first time that the two publications have run into trouble with the internet platforms.

Twitter Inc. TWTR in March removed a tweet from the Federalist for violating its policy on content related to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the New York Times reported.

The social media company also removed ZeroHedge's account in February, reportedly for a tweet that linked COVID-19 with a scientist in China, according to Reuters. The publication's account was reinstated last week.

What's Next

In a statement, ZeroHedge said the publication is "currently appealing it, and expect to remedy it." Google on Twitter said "the comment section" on the Federalist's platform has now been removed. "We consider this matter resolved and no action will be taken," it noted.

Alphabet Price Action

Alphabet Class A shares closed 1.8% higher at $1,446.47 on Tuesday. The shares were up nearly 0.5% higher in the after-hours session at $1,453.05. Class C shares closed 1.6% higher at $1,442.72 the same day.

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