Tesla Vehicles Will Now Recognize Traffic Lights And Stop Signs With Updated Software

Some Tesla Inc. TSLA manufactured vehicles will now have the ability to recognize stop signs and traffic lights after a software update is applied.

What Happened

Previously, the software update (2020.12.6) providing these new road sign and stop light recognition features, had only been available to a small number of Tesla owners. Now the update will benefit the wider fleet, reported TechCrunch.

Tesla has named the feature "Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control." It is now available for vehicles equipped with the Hardware 3 package, and fully optioned Autopilot package, the combination of which is being described by Tesla as "full self-driving.”

Why It Matters

The features introduced by Tesla are limited as the vehicles are not fully self-driving. The newly added feature engages using “traffic-aware cruise control” or “Autosteer.”  

TechCrunch reports that the vehicles will slow for all types of traffic lights, including green, blinking yellow and off lights. Improved driving visualization has been added, displaying stop lights, stop signs, and certain road markings.

As the vehicle approaches an intersection, an indicator alerts the driver that it is about to slow down. The vehicle will come to a full stop at the red line on the car’s driving visualization screen. DragTimes, a YouTube channel, has given the beta version of the software a test drive.

In the software release notes, Tesla said the feature has been implemented conservatively, and noted, “As with all Autopilot features, you must continue to pay attention and be ready to take immediate action, including braking because this feature may not stop for all traffic controls,” reported TechCrunch

Tesla Price Action 

Tesla shares traded 0.97% lower at $791 in the pre-market session on Tuesday. The shares had closed the regular session 10.15% higher at $798.75.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Tesla.com.

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