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Monday's Market Minute: Earnings Heat Up As Central Banks Convene

Monday's Market Minute: Earnings Heat Up As Central Banks Convene

It’s another big week for traders and investors alike, with earnings, economic data, and central bank activity. Meaning there is a lot to stay dialed in on.

First and foremost, this week we have 160 S&P 500 companies, including some big names, set to report quarterly results. We also have GDP, personal income and spending data, ISM manufacturing data, the Dallas Fed, and the all-important weekly jobless claims to keep an eye on. In addition to earnings and ecodata, the three largest central banks of the G-7 will convene as the FOMC, the ECB, and the BOJ all meet to determine interest rates policy. With the Fed unwilling to take rates here in the U.S. into negative territory, and the BOJ and the ECB already negative, expectations are for them to stay flat – but given the recent drop in oil, comments from policy makers will be closely watched.

Keep an eye on treasuries, as last week the futures posted new highs for the month of April but follow-through was limited. After the volatile month of March, we have a well-defined range established. Trade above the March high or below the March low would be the first indication things have shifted. As of now with treasuries sideways, they’re pointing to more of the same in terms of the narrative we’ve been hearing about stabilization and lights at the end of the tunnel. Similarly, the VIX below 40 is suggesting there may be more volatility to come. Don’t forget, this week we have a full one-hour edition of Mid-Day Movers with Lichtenstein on Wednesday dedicated to the Fed meeting – check it out and all the breaking news throughout the week on the TD Ameritrade Network!