Survey Shows AMD Gains Market Share At Intel's Expense In Q4

Survey Shows AMD Gains Market Share At Intel's Expense In Q4

The meteoric rise in Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. AMD shares follows the release of its Ryzen lineup of processors.

The company has been consistently eating into the market share of dominant rival Intel Corporation INTC. A tally of fourth-quarter share data by market research firm Mercury Research attests to this.

Progress All Around For AMD 

AMD gained unit market share in almost all segments, including server, desktop, mobile and client, according to a tweet shared by Partick Moorhead, founder of boutique tech research firm Moors Insight & Strategy, who cited AMD.

The numbers provided by AMD exclude IoT. AMD had a 16.2% share of the mobile chip market, 1.5 points higher than the previous quarter and a four-point increase year-over-year.

The company's desktop processor market share stood at 18.3%, up 0.3 points from the third quarter and 2.4 points higher than a year ago.

In the server chip space, AMD's market share increased 0.2 points from the previous quarter and 1.4% year-over-year to 4.5%, giving Intel a 94.5% share.

AMD's overall x86 chip market share, excluding IoT and semi-custom chips, which includes Xbox and PS4 shipments, stood at 15.5%, 0.9 points better than in the third quarter and 3.2 points more than the fourth quarter of 2018.

What The Future Holds For AMD 

Product momentum and competitive pricing are unique advantages that could keep AMD ticking in the months to come.

Although Intel has a big lead, its slow and steady market share erosion is definitely a concern, especially in light recent chip shortages and the delayed 10 nm ramp. Acknowledging the AMD threat, Intel is uncharacteristically reportedly offering a discount for its products.

 AMD's market positioning in the various segments is now at the highest level since 2003. The near- to medium-term will shed light on how much AMD can build its famed rivalry with Intel.

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