10 Financial Twitter Names To Follow In 2018


It's that time of the year again.

As we head in 2018, it's time to reassess your financial strategy and who you follow and where you are getting information plays an important role in your decision making, subconsciously or not. Twitter Inc TWTR has emerged as a critical platform for trading information and gauging stock sentiment.

So without further ado, here's a list of 10 financial Twitter names to follow...if you don't follow them already.

John McAfee – @officialmcafee

Given the rise of interest and enthusiasm in cryptocurrency, blockchain technology and ICOs, notable bitcoin bull John McAfee is a must follow for his insight into the industry. There's never a dull moment as the brash, outspoken founder of global computer security company in his name offers up his takes on all the latest cryptocurrencies that we know so little about.


Howard Lindzon - @HowardLindzon

The founder of Stocktwits and pioneer of the cashtag, Lindzon's Twitter feed is mostly dominated by cryptocurrency commentary these days, which is in more demand than ever.


QuothTheRaven - @QTRResearch

Self-proclaimed as news and analysis the market misses "from an Austrian perspective," Quoth The Raven is a good mix of market-moving ideas for traders to watch and the snarky humor that Twitter is so well known for.



Jeff Macke - @JeffMacke

A retail ninja, Macke is a must follow for investors interested in the retail space. The sometimes manic Macke is undoubtedly one of the most clever chart artists on the web.


Wu-Tang Financial - @Wu_tang_finance

What started as a "Chapelle's Show" skit in the early 2000s has turned into a full blown fintwit parody account with some of the most hilarious yet insightful analysis into the capital markets that rule everything around us.


RampCapital - @RampCapitalLLC

Another fintwit humor account, Ramp Capital’s Twitter encapsulates everything we like about fintwit -- snarky and sarcastic commentary on the market with a a good balance of real and fake stock market news.


Mungerisms - @mungerisms

A collection of wisdom and quotes from Warren Buffett’s oft-underappreciated and business partner for over 50 years, Charlie Munger. Munger is known for his comments and work on investing psychology, known for leading Investments at Berkshire Hathaway, Munger’s pithy quotes and comments have come to be known as Mungerisms.


Josh Brown - @reformedBroker

CNBC Contributor and CEO of Ritzholtz Wealth Management, named a top 300 financial advisory firm by Financial Times, Josh Brown has emerged as one of the most influential voices in the financial Twitterverse. Closing in on a million followers, Brown also runs the financial blog, thereformedbroker.


Adam Feuerstein - @AdamFeuerstein

One of the most respected writers covering the biotech space, Adam Feuerstein has made a name for himself while cover the industry for over a decade. A former columnist at TheStreet, Feuerstein now is a senior writer at StatNews. Often considered the most feared man in biotech, Feuerstein is a must follow for anything biotech related.

Carl Quintanilla- @carlquintanilla

Morning anchor of CNBC’s "Squawk on the Street" and "Squawk Alley," Quintanilla is an Emmy Award-winning reporter and a must follow for daily market updates.

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