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July 13, 2021
Saxo Bank Forex
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Saxo Bank lets traders trade on a high-performing platform with access to over 40,000 financial products, plus everything needed to make an informed decision about putting plans into action. At Saxo Bank, you navigate market turns via curated investment themes, expert market commentary, alerts to your phone, charting tools and in-depth webinars.

Best For
  • Serious forex traders
  • Investors seeking a one-stop-shop for standard, crypto and derivative investments
  • Inquisitive learners
  • Abundant, broad, unparallelled market analysis and insight
  • Investment platforms that outstrip competitors
  • Free trial with accessible demos
  • Unique analytics tools, like Thought Starters, offering exclusive trading approaches
  • Several platforms fit for beginning investors to day traders
  • Not available to U.S. & Canadian clients
  • Extensive options, platforms and research tips could overwhelm users

Saxo Bank Forex Ratings at a Glance

Saxo Bank Options

Saxo Bank, in addition to offering its bread-and-butter stock, bond, ETF, mutual funds trading, provides a high-level platform to trade its leveraged products like forex, CFDs, futures, commodities, forex options, listed options and other derivatives. Known for its forex platform, Saxo Bank facilitates trading major forex pairs from as low as 0.4 pips with no commission charged and even lower spreads for active traders. Trade up to 182 Forex pairs across majors, minors and exotics, crypto and spot metals, from only 0.6 pips.

Astute traders today are pursuing Contracts for Difference (CFDs), which are contracts between two parties speculating on the movement of an asset price. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) currently prohibits CFD trading for U.S. citizens and residents, but if your country of residence allows CFD trading, you can get in on this trading trend at Saxo Bank. 

Saxo Bank Customer Service

Saxo Bank serves numerous European markets — Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Italy, The Netherlands, Switzerland and the UK, to name a few. Its customer service team supports clients in more than 180 countries from offices in major financial hubs. Contact Saxo Bank via email, contact form or telephone. The answers to many questions can be found in its FAQ section, where the sensitive search bar broadly interprets your search keywords and expertly offers you a list of pertinent solutions.

Saxo Bank Customer Pricing

Rely on industry-leading prices at Saxo Bank. With ultra-competitive spreads and commissions across all asset classes and even better rates as your volume increases, Saxo Bank fees are competitive. It offers 3 levels of pricing depending on your account tier, with tight, all-inclusive FX spreads across all tiers.

Saxo Bank Mobile App

Find the attractive, liquid-fast Saxo Bank app (SaxoTraderGO) on Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store. You can perform the same actions at the same speed on the app as you can on your desktop. 

Trade on desktop or app as a SaxoTraderPro member where you can rely on high-performance tools built to manage and execute orders, with in-depth market analysis features. Tools include depth trader, time and sales data, algorithmic orders, a charting package, option chains and advanced trade tickets that are engineered for speed and productivity and eminently clickable for speedy order placement.

Investors who wish to use Saxo Bank’s managed portfolios can set up an account easily and receive world-class industry expertise while paying just a fraction of the cost of traditional wealth managers. Saxo Bank has no lock-in period and if your circumstances change, you can withdraw at any time. Once you are an account holder, you can view your investment holdings on desktop or via app.

Saxo Bank User Benefits

Saxo Bank serves traders with a proactive team focused on delivering action in an always evolving investment and trading experience. Staying at the forefront of this industry means that Saxo Bank constantly thinks ahead and challenges the status quo, which gives you, the customer, a distinct advantage.Features like global market access, powerful platforms, industry-leading prices, tight spreads, and expert support mean trading profits in a crowded field of competitors. 12 billion+ USD daily trading volume, 200+ million OpenAPI requests/day and 120+ Partner banks and brokers corner the market with the kind of volume that inspires the highest confidence.

The online educational courses Saxo offers its traders consist of material that actually shows you what to do, step by step, instead of slapping up fluff without substance. The little post-course quizzes show it’s serious; few of us really learn without the pressure of a test to confirm understanding of the material. Saxo Bank wants clients to do well — to understand the lingo and make informed decisions but also know the risks. 

Saxo Bank technology helps companies of all sizes to connect to global exchanges. Banks, brokers, financial advisors, fintechs and other partners use our capital markets solutions to provide trading and investment services to their clients.

When it comes to forex trading, consider starting with or switching to Saxo Bank’s award-winning platform. Smart consumers seek out the best; you could buy a donut at Walmart (NYSE: WMT), but wouldn’t you rather tap the donut professionals (NASDAQ: DNKN)? Your trading platform matters much more, and Saxo Bank’s your expert for forex trading.

Saxo Bank User Experience

Saxo Bank, hands down, sets itself apart for news, analytics and research you can use to trade well. A clever part of its website is the “Outrageous Predictions” tab where you read, download, and vote on the hunch you favor. Edited by Steen Jakobsen, the 2021 publication is a fun read, careening from hunches like “Amazon ‘buys’ Cyprus” to “Blockchain tech kills fake news.” The cartoon artwork delights as well. Follow them on Twitter for trading ideas and economic updates that could affect your trades at ‎@SaxoStrats.

Saxo Bank Overall Rating

If only I could move to Denmark where I could eat rabarberhorns and trade in my Saxo Bank forex account. That move would have to be classed as an outrageous prediction for my staid American life, but Saxo Bank account status for U.S. citizens like me may not be quite so far out. For traders who love strong analytics and hard-nosed research, Saxo’s the best choice going. Saxo Bank lives its tagline “The markets never stand still. And neither do we.”

Best Saxo Bank Tutorial

In addition to its competitive fees and fee transparency, Saxo Bank elevates itself above its competitors with the educational and thought leadership content that accompanies its potent and efficient trading platform. All trading platforms give you the equipment and tools you need to buy and sell in the market; few provide the educational courses and thought leadership insights that Saxo Bank offers. The information gleaned by even a small amount of time within Saxo Bank’s courses, blogs, white papers and other online resources give you the edge you need to take your trading to a higher, more profitable level.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is Saxo Bank safe?


Saxo Bank is regulated by several governmental agencies. The Danish Financial Services Agency, Financial Conduct Authority and Swiss Federal Banking Commission have a hand in keeping Saxo Bank safe and on the straight and narrow.  Saxo Bank is a fully regulated and licensed industry leader that adheres to strict regulatory requirements in 15 jurisdictions, including Denmark, the UK and Singapore, and holds banking licences in Denmark and Switzerland.


Is Saxo Bank a bank?


Saxo Bank is a full-service, regulated Danish bank that offers a wide-range of services that include trading and access to global markets. When you make a deposit into a Saxo Bank account, your money is guaranteed as it’s safeguarded in at least one segregated account and protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

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Alice Luna

How do you use this product to boost your finances?

I was scammed of $89,000 worth of bitcoin with a scam forest investment unknowingly then, I didn’t know what to do.. I felt like committing suicide, but fortunately for me, my friend introduced me to a cyber crime investigator ( Mr. Julius Patrick) who al


How do you use this product to boost your finances?

It has come to the notice of authorities that many unregulated companies are using clone websites to target citizens and hence it has issued a warning to all traders not to deal with any unregulated companies and not to be lured by their false propaganda


How do you use this product to boost your finances?

Unreliable and Limited Broker! There are many other platforms in the US which are more reliable and less costly than SAXO. Do a better research. This is a branded mamut which will not survive the New Age.

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