Crazy 'Retail Rubik's Cube' Success - Has Infobird Found The Right Combination?

The Rubik’s Cube, a cultural craze in the 1980s, continues to tease and baffle many. Elegant yet exacting, the cube holds several billion combinations, all of which must be resolved into one harmonious solution.

The quest for the perfect SaaS solution also drives Infobird Co. Ltd. IFBD  and its subsidiary, Shanghai Qishuo Network Technology Co. Ltd., a company seeking to provide digitized retail store operational improvement solutions. Operating in the retail footwear and clothing industry helps the clients to transform their past approach from mainly focusing on the results of the retail stores’ performances to penetrating into the key variables that could affect the final results during operation by leveraging AI and big-data technologies. As a result, it empowers clients to leverage these key insights to carry out improvement plans for their store operations.

As a major advancement in the pursuit of its service, Shanghai Qishuo recently took on a major U.S. sports footwear company that sells products in over 150 countries. As the sportswear industry continues to soar globally, and in China, in particular, Infobird’s Shanghai Qishuo will enable this major company to improve its retail store operations and customer experience. A major element of this improvement will result from Shanghai Qishuo’s patented Retail Rubik’s Cube technology solution.

The Retail Rubik’s Cube is Shanghai Qishuo’s creative product that analyzes performance using a combination of hardware, data analysis, and training to impact growth and predict future profits. In addition to an artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm and expert industry consultancy, the Retail Rubik’sCube involves a control circle of Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) as well as the “GROW”  methodology to help the brand integrate and analyze a variety of data, such as customer traffic flows, commodity, operation, and inventory data,  that could affect the final operational results. 

A Company Flying High With SaaS Solutions?

Enter Infobird Co. Ltd. IFBD. The parent company of Shanghai Qishuo, Infobird is seeking a Rubik’s Cube combination of its own. Already positioned as a leader in the Chinese software as a service (SaaS) market, it seeks to use its distinct advantages to establish a strong technological presence in the market. 

With over 70,000 clients in more than 300 cities across China, Infobird is a leading SaaS company offering premium AI customer service tools, such as telemarketing, omnichannel customer support, and intelligent voice/text chatbots. It goes beyond standard SaaS AI tech with its AI sales force management, using tools such as its Intelligent Quality Inspection SaaS that provides data analysis of individual customer service agents to catch mistakes, enhance personalized training, and equip the client to provide end-to-end customer engagement.

Another example of how Infobird offers intelligent and automated customer engagement solutions is its ability to empower clients to extend their customer’s life value through the use of innovative software solutions. The Company focuses on helping its clients drive increased customer traffic, retain customers and foster long-term customer relationships on one of the largest social platforms in China.

The Retail Rubik’s Cube offers another feather in Infobird’s cap in the company’s strategy to be a market leader. Through its acquisition of Shanghai Qishuo in December 2021, Retail Rubik’s Cube may provide Infobird, the opportunity to gain an edge in the retail industry.

The state of the SaaS markets in China is essentially one of growth without uniformity; China leaped to almost half the entire global market share in 2020,  with a number of companies competing in a still fragmented market and no dominant player. . 

American companies like SpringBig Holdings, Inc. SBIG and Kaspien Holdings Inc. KSPN, and Chinese SaaS company Cloopen Group Holding Ltd. RAAS are often cited as competitors in this market.  Infobird may be the only Chinese company owning and deploying cloud-native architecture for its clients in the customer service industry.

Adding the Retail Rubik’s Cube product might provide a perfect Rubik combination to support  Infobird’s goal of achieving greater market share in these fast-growing segments. Shanghai Qishuo has built deep experience in providing data-driven analysis for retail store operational improvement in the retail footwear and clothing industry and provides a strong addition to Infobird’s already sophisticated SaaS customer-engagement offerings.

Infobird Chairman Yimin Whu said: “Qishuo’s product, Retail Rubik’s Cube, provides an ideal solution for retailers that want to optimize the customer experience at their physical stores. By having a deep understanding of client store operations in China’s consumer products and retail industry, Qishuo aims to empower companies with easy-to-use SaaS products that can provide deep insights of how to improve store performance and operations.”

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