Solar Power Becoming A Necessity For Boondockers And Disaster Sites

Whether you’re off the grid in an RV or you get thrown off during a disaster, it’s a great and useful idea to be ready with appliances that don’t need an electrical charge.

Living off the grid and parking wherever you can legally camp has become a top choice for many recreation enthusiasts. Called boondocking, RV enthusiasts are camping without a direct water line, electricity or waste disposal.  And it’s free, assuming you have permission to use the land. 

The goal of boondocking is to find seclusion and serenity while avoiding the congestion and noisy world of paid RV campgrounds. And with the pandemic and social distancing still affecting U.S. life, it’s an option to stay away from other people altogether. 

RV enthusiasts have also found that the usual go-to equipment stores like Camping World Holdings Inc.’s CWH Camping World and RV manufacturers like Thor Industries Inc. THO, maker of Jayco, Airstream and Starcraft, don’t carry nonelectric options for these boondocking lifestyles. 

But innovative new companies such as Cincinnati-based GoSun Inc. have developed an off-grid cabin on wheels where people can meet all their needs using solar power. 

Meet all of your off-grid needs with this extremely portable, durable GoSun RV. You can cook, refrigerate, purify water, have a kitchen sink, hot shower, brew coffee, and power all sorts of devices. This is the ultimate solar powered, off-grid RV solution so you are not tied to shore power and crowded campgrounds. 

Solar Power Instrumental in Disasters

In 2015 when a 7.8-magnitude earthquake in Nepal killed more than 8,000 people and the country’s 1.4 million people needed assistance, solar power was a big part of its recovery effort. Solar power generators eliminate wait and don’t rely on sometimes scarce fuel to help diesel generators function. Solar power is instantaneous and can be used in the home and in trying to deliver medical services. 

In all post-disaster situations, water is usually the first resource compromised as earthquake-damaged pipes and floods and tsunamis can make local drinking water non-potable. 

GoSun has also innovated off-grid water needs with a portable solar water purification system that can become a sink and hot shower as well as a compact filtration system when fresh water is scarce. 

GoSun is an eco-friendly startup leveraging solar to create even more innovative products that continues to grow. Like most startups, the company needs additional capital to pursue its stated goal to be the “World’s Best Clean Tech” brand.  The company is leaning on StartEngine investors to reach those goals.

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Image provided by GoSun.

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