Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

Over 30 years ago, Hal Finney – co-creator of Bitcoin – made a blog post titled "crypto trading cards" predicting the rise of NFTs in mainstream culture. In 2015, Ethereum launched and would eventually lead to the creation of the first ever crypto "trading card": the ERC-721 token. In 2017, CryptoPunks used generative algorithms to create 10,000 unique characters - they gave them away for free. Flash forward to 2022, the cheapest CryptoPunk on the market costs over $200,000, and Hollywood celebrities and venture capitalists are buying and selling NFTs in bulk. Here's everything you need to know about non-fungible tokens.

NFT Basics

Are NFTs a Good Investment?

NFTs have been one of the major drivers of success behind the crypto market, but is it a wise investment? Read on to learn more about investing in NFTs.

Best NFT Marketplaces

NFTs provide some of the most exciting opportunities in crypto and prospective investors need to know the best marketplaces to trade them on.

NFT Release Calendar

Looking for new NFT releases that you can get your hands on from day 1? Here's a list of upcoming NFT drops and their release dates.

How to Buy Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

Non fungible tokens are taking the world by storm. Read more to find out what NFTs are and how to buy NFTs right now!

How Are Cryptocurrencies and NFTs Taxed?

Invested in crypto for the 2021 tax year? Read here to learn about how crypto is taxed and how to pay your 2022 taxes on crypto and NFTs.

Best NFT Projects & Investments

Non fungible tokens are making a huge comeback. Here are some of the best NFT investments for 2022 and beyond.

Top Performing NFT Related Stocks

Investing in NFT-related stocks enables investors to diversify their portfolios and to be part of a new asset class in an expanding market.

Are NFTs a Scam or a Digital Bubble?

Find out everything you need to know about the ongoing scams and bubbles in the NFT world. Get all the facts and make informed decisions.

Are NFTs Bad for The Environment?

Critics and environmental advocates claim NFTs are bad for the environment, but this isn't always the case –– here's the truth about NFTs.

Best NFT Marketplace to Buy or Create NFTs

Ready to dive into the world of NFTs but don’t know where to start? Find the best NFT marketplace for you with this full breakdown!

Why Are NFTs Valuable?

Million dollar sale after million dollar sale, NFTs may be the next big thing. But what makes non-fungible tokens valuable in the 1st place?

How to Get Free NFTs in 2024

Discover the different ways on how to get free NFTs. From airdrops to giveaways, learn how to build your NFT collection without spending a dime!

How to Make and Sell NFTs

A non-fungible token (NFT), is a blockchain-based tokenization of a collectible item or art piece. Learn how to make your own.

NFTs in Mainstream Culture

NFT Projects: Apes, Punks, NBA and more

How to Buy Doodles NFT

This popular NFT project had a surge in sales while crypto has slowed down. Here is a look at how to buy Doodles NFT.

How to Buy Cryptopunks NFT

Cryptopunks are one of the 1st NFTs on Ethereum’s blockchain. Find out how to buy a Cryptopunk in 3 easy steps.

How To Buy Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFTs

Bored Ape Yacht Club has become one of the most exclusive NFT projects, but how do you buy it? Here’s how in four easy steps.

How to Buy Art Blocks NFTs

Art Blocks is a next-generation art house with curated collections of generative NFTs minted on the Ethereum blockchain.

How to Buy NBA Top Shot NFTs

The NBA recently made its own set of NFTs in collaboration with Dapper Labs; find out how to buy NBA Top Shot NFTs in 3 easy steps.

How to Buy RTFKT NFTs

RTFKT NFTs are hoping to be a blue chip NFT in the metaverse fashion world. Here’s how to buy them in four short steps.

Most Expensive NFT Collections

Non-fungible tokens are selling for millions of dollars on Ethereum's blockchain. Here's the most expensive NFT collections today.

How to Buy Mutant Ape Yacht Club NFTs

The little brother of Bored Ape Yacht Club is doing big things. Here's how to buy Mutant Ape Yacht Club NFTs with Ethereum today.

How to Buy NFT Art Finance (NFTART)

NFT Art Finance uses the Binance Smart Chain, making it a bit more complicated to invest in than other cryptocurrencies. Learn how you can be an early investor in NFT Art Finance today.

How to Buy Steve Aoki’s NFT

Steve Aoki is working with Antoni Tudisco to release a limited set of art paired with EDM music. Here's how to buy them.

Top Sports NFTs

Sports collectibles have been around for years, but NFTs provide a new form of value in the era of the internet.

What are Music NFTs? Artists and Fans Win.

How do NFTs work for music and how can you find them? Learn more about how you can buy music NFTs now. Get started now!

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