NFT Project Azuki's Twitter Profile Is Hacked

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  • Hackers target NFT project Azuki.
  • The illegal posts in Azuki’s case make use of Hilumia.
NFT Project Azuki's Twitter Profile Is Hacked

The official Twitter profile of the Azuki NFT project was hacked on Friday, with the hackers posting multiple tweets asking users to claim virtual land.

One of the tweets was pinned to the top of Azuki’s Twitter profile timeline, in an apparent bid to garner maximum clicks.

Officials from Azuki warned followers of the ruse and advised them not to click any links.

Azuki's head of community and product manager, who goes by the name “Dem,” confirmed on his personal Twitter account that the official page of the project was hacked.

Just two days back, the official Twitter account of Robinhood Markets Inc. HOOD/USD was compromised by hackers, who used it to promote a fraudulent cryptocurrency project.

The hackers announced the launch of a new token called $RBH, claiming it was available for purchase on the Binance Smart Chain for a low price of $0.0005.

Data from Blockchain explorer showed a small number of individuals, around 25, had bought the scam token before the link was removed.

The illegal posts in Azuki’s case make use of Hilumia, a recently released virtual world by Azuki, that aims to be a growing virtual metropolis that blends physical and digital aspects.

Meanwhile, according to estimates, the Azuki scam managed to phish a total of 122 NFTs, with an estimated value of 484.99 ETH ETH/USD, worth $778,408.95.

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Photo: TY Lim via Shutterstock

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