Could This Artificial Intelligence Software Help Predict The Next Crypto Move?

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The cryptocurrency boom of 2021 changed lives.

The market’s unprecedented rise allowed a substitute teacher to buy her dream home and travel the world and turned ordinary 20-year-olds into multimillionaires

Case studies like these are part of the reason why 16% of Americans invested in cryptocurrency in 2021 and why enterprises like Marathon Digital Holdings Inc. MARA and Riot Blockchain Inc. RIOT continue their bullish stance on crypto mining. 

But there are holes in the cryptocurrency story. Operating under a pseudonym, Jake tells BBC that he lost millions of pounds trading cryptocurrency and is in treatment at one of the only hospitals in the United Kingdom for crypto gambling.

Because of the human tendency to advertise wins while covering up losses, there are likely plenty more “Jakes” in the cryptocurrency boom. The truth is: Trading is as tough and unforgiving as it is generous and rewarding. Without the right guidance, amateurs are likely to get whipsawed between these two extremes, often relying purely on luck to come out ahead.

Vantage Point is an artificial intelligence (AI) system that is meant to help predict major market reversals in advance. Armed with a proven accuracy rating of up to 87.4%, the system reportedly works with cryptocurrencies, too. 

Catching The Next Cryptocurrency Play With VantagePoint? 

As the King of Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin’s BTC/USD incredible rise in 2021 set the stage for many of the smaller cryptocurrencies as well as businesses and technology sectors tied to its value. Satoshi’s brainchild rose from approximately $28,000 per Bitcoin to a high of roughly $69,000 between January and December 2021, experiencing an incredible 150% rise. 

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If speculators rejoiced over Bitcoin’s rise, they would’ve likely been delirious over the rise of Dogecoin DOGE/USD. Following the trend set by Bitcoin, the meme-sponsored cryptocurrency rose from $0.0045 a coin to $0.7549 a coin in a five-month period. This change represented a – hold your breath – 16,963% appreciation in the asset’s value. A $1 investment in Doge throughout this move would’ve turned into roughly $169.

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Cardano ADA/USD joined Bitcoin and Dogecoin in the 2021 bull market, exhibiting yet another incredible rise in the cryptocurrency space. Between January and September 2021, the asset’s price increased by 1,793%, giving early investors a return nearly 18 times greater than their principal in a nine-month period.

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This post contains sponsored advertising content. This content is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be investing advice.

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