This Bitcoin Whale Is Buying $1M Worth Every Day: Here's How He Does It

Cryptocurrency whales, who own millions of dollars in Bitcoin BTC/USD, have the power to move markets. Their activities also influence the price performance of Bitcoin.

On Saturday, Twitter user @Capital15C shared data about an account on the Bitcoin network that invests around $1,000,000 in the apex crypto on a daily basis.

Shared on a screenshot, the period of BTC investment covers the period from Feb. 22, 2022 to the present. 

The account started by holding 8,652 Bitcoins, and by April 7, 2022, it had accumulated over 9,779 Bitcoins.

According to the data, the person purchased the Bitcoin in a price range from $35,000 to $47,000. In recent days, the daily investments spiked by over $1.2 million. 

The valuation of assets held by the mentioned account has increased from $326 million to $426 million. 

Last week, a Bitcoin whale moved around 3,000 BTC onto the Coinbase Global Inc COIN exchange. 
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