Meet a Company Operating at the Crossroads Between Gaming and NFTs

Image by Fabricated Madness

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Almost every year, innovative practices revitalize the public’s interest in technology or activity considered commonplace.

Electric vehicles, for example, flipped the historically gas-powered automotive industry on its head in the mid-2000s, while Netflix Inc.’s NFLX online streaming service plugged a hole in programmed television. Now, blockchain technology radicalizes the notion of currency and information storage and arguably challenges banks’ position as financial kingpins.

A recent innovation, also spurred by blockchain technology, is revolutionizing something that has been around almost forever: collectible cards. These have long captured both the fan and the businessman’s attention. In sports alone, a Lebron James logoman card and 1952 Mickey Mantle card sold for $5.2 million each, and an autographed Luka Doncic card sold for $4.6 million.

The inception of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the blockchain network has allowed this activity to occur in the context of gaming, and this radical shift is gaining momentum. According to analytics platform DappRadar, trading volume for NFTs hit $10.67 billion in the third quarter of 2021, up 704% from the previous quarter. Meanwhile, in-game items generated $2.3 billion of trading volume in that period, representing 22% of the total.

Moving alongside companies like Funko Inc. FNKO and Liquid Media Group Inc. YVR, Fabricated Madness LLC has reportedly become one of the latest entrepreneurial pursuits in the burgeoning NFT space. In a similar vein to how Sarojini McKenna and Michael Yates created Alien Worlds, Matt Gaser and Rolf Kvalvik aim to create NFT trading cards, games, and animated shorts through storytelling on blockchain networks.

Fabricated Madness: A Recent Project

“When a mysterious virus infects his beloved community, the quirky Dr. Zammsy desperately quests across his fantastical world to find the cure,” writes The Chronicles of Dr. Zammsy website. “He soon discovers the illness was engineered as part of a sinister inter-dimensional plot threatening not only his world but all existence in the multiverse.

Zammsy’s research does yield a clue: a unique genetic signature relating to an ancient Age’ed Youngling myth about a spurned witch queen delivering vengeance from far away. He reports this to the high council of Halobridge Hospital, but they dismiss the doctor’s warnings as superstition and write him off as a loony.”

The delectable creativity with which Creative Director Matt Gaser has crafted “The Chronicles of Dr. Zammsy,” a recent Fabricated Madness project, has attracted a spurt of gamers, art aficionados, and NFT supporters. Since the game’s release, over one million  Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) tokens have been traded for a total volume of $480,000. The token is used to buy and sell” The Chronicles of Dr. Zammsy” NFTs.

A visit to the company’s AtomicHub page shows a collection of more than 30,000 available NFTs, 135 templates, and seven schemas, providing a large expanse through which traders can attempt to auction their valuables. The project is reported to draw on Gaser’s over 20 years of experience in creative endeavors, a history that has brought him into partnerships with Netflix, Warner Animation Group, Sony Pictures, Star Wars, Lucasfilm Animation, Magic the Gathering, League of Legends, and World of Warcraft.

Considering the success of other NFT-gaming mashups, Fabricated Madness possibly finds itself within a burgeoning and high-potential market. Alien Worlds has brought in 2.5 million users and a total trading volume worth over $36 million. 

Fans and aficionados can take a look at the drop here. These NFTs are redeemable for Loot Crates that will have items from Fabricated Madness’s game. Players can already start blending the card for a special 10x Loot crate here. 100x crates have sold out. 

With “The Chronicles of Dr. Zammsy” already gaining traction and a white paper on the game expected out soon, Fabricated Madness hopes to compete for a slice of the NFT-gaming market.

This post contains sponsored advertising content. The content that follows is for informational purposes only and not intended to be investing advice.

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