There's A Bronze Statue Of Bitcoin Founder Satoshi Nakamoto: Here's Where It Is And Why It Was Created

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  • Bitcoin was launched in 2009 by anonymous creator Satoshi Nakamoto.
  • A statue in a small European country pays tribute to the anonymous creator of the leading cryptocurrency.

Leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin BTC/USD continues to dominate the headlines with increased optimism that Bitcoin ETFs will soon be appproved by the SEC. 

The approval of a Bitcoin ETF would come over 10 years after the first fund was filed with the SEC and would come 14 years after the first block of Bitcoin was mined by the anonymous creator of the cryptocurrency. 

What Happened: A country of less than 10 million unveiled the world’s first Satoshi Nakamoto statue in 2021. 

A statue of Satoshi Nakamoto, the anonymous creator of Bitcoin was unveiled on Sept. 16, 2021 in Graphisof Park, Budapest, a city in Hungary.

“The statue is made of bronze, the face is made of a special bronze-aluminium composite, thus every visitor can see their own face when looking at Satoshi. We are all Satoshi,” the statue’s website reads.

Satoshi is wearing a hoodie on the sculpture and has the Bitcoin logo on its chest.

The statue was created to honor Nakamoto. The statue’s idea came from Andras Gyorfi, editor of Kripto Akademia, a Hungarian crypto news site.

“We believe that it (Bitcoin) brought something much more important to our world, than a decentralized peer-to-peer payment network,” the site reads. “The underlying technology, blockchain that Satoshi Nakamoto introduced to the world can truly make our life better.”

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Creating The Sculpture: Two Hungarian sculptors Gergely Reka and Tamas Gilly created the statue. The goal was to create a human form statue and keep the anonymity of Nakamoto in place.

“It is very difficult to make a portrait sculpture of a person that we don’t know exactly what they look like,” the sculptors said. “I hope that through the language of sculpture I have managed to convey the basic idea of Bitcoin, that it belongs to everyone and no one at the same time.”

Visiting The Statue: The statue is free to visit and open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The group behind the sculpture accepts donations made to their crypto wallets. Donations will be used to increase PR of the project.

Price Action: Bitcoin trades at $25,753.45 at the time of writing. 

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