CryptoPunks Are Worth How Much? AssetDash Is Tracking NFT Market Caps

CryptoPunks Are Worth How Much? AssetDash Is Tracking NFT Market Caps

The rise of non-fungible token popularity and valuation has created a need for ways to track stats on various projects.

Enter, a site launched in August 2020 to track the market caps and movements of stocks, cryptocurrencies, ETFs and now NFTs.

NFT Market Caps: AssetDash tracks 49 NFT projects and offers data on the market cap, floor price, seven-day price, seven-day volume, supply and owners.

“Market cap for NFTs is determined by multiplying floor price times total supply,” AssetDash CEO Matias Dorta told Benzinga. “It is clear that NFTs are becoming an asset class of their own and we are still in the early innings.”

Earlier this summer, Dorta made the decision to add NFTs to AssetDash.

AssetDash tracks the top projects on Ethereum ETH/USD using data from OpenSea. Data on the site is updated for the NFTs every six hours.

“Our goal is to cover them all, but at the moment we are focused on including the top projects by market cap," Dorta said.

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How NFTs Rank: There are three NFT projects that have market caps of more than $1 billion: CryptoPunks has a current cap of $4.28 billion, Bored Ape Yacht Club has a market cap of $1.82 billion and Art Blocks Curated has a market cap of $1.66 billion.

Autoglyphs and Meebits, which also come from CrytoPunks creator Larva Labs have market caps of $640 million and $609 million, respectively.

CryptoPunks currently ranks at #1482 for market cap across stocks, cryptocurrencies, ETFs and NFTs. Investors and readers may be surprised that the value of CryptoPunks has passed the value of some well-known stocks.

With a market cap of $4.28 billion, CryptoPunks is worth more than FuboTV FUBO, ContextLogic WISH and SeaWorld Entertainment SEAS at the time of writing.

Keep in mind that the valuation given to CryptoPunks is based on the cheapest price available and the floor price of this NFT series continues to rise.

Growing Interest: Dorta said interest in NFT tracking on AssetDash is “extremely high.” One item that could increase exposure to tracking NFT data is the growth of fractionalized NFT investing.

“I believe this will increase the amount of investors who can participate in the asset class, especially the higher-end projects," he said.

Dorta told Benzinga engagement in NFT tracking on the platform has been on par with cryptocurrencies and stocks: “We believe this trend will continue throughout the year.”

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