Smoke Weed With Seth Rogen, Make A Ceramic Ashtray With Him & Spend The Night, Airbnb Is Hosting

Smoke Weed With Seth Rogen, Make A Ceramic Ashtray With Him & Spend The Night, Airbnb Is Hosting

Seth Rogen has done it again. This time he and his weed company Houseplant are teaming up with Airbnb ABNB to offer three one-night stays in a house filled with Rogen’s very own hand-made pottery and other extraordinary household treasures. 

How Did This Happen?

Rogen said that Airbnb got in touch and things just happened from there, reported Fast Company. Airbnb rented Rogen's house (not his office) to create an Airbnb experience that felt curated by Houseplant. Rogen helped decorate.

“My own personal pottery is in there, my actual speakers from my office are hooked up to the record player, and I think some of my record collection is also in the house,” he said.

And, the best part is that while you’re at the house you’ll be able to hang out with Rogen, who will likely be hard at work on his pottery and most probably delighted to share some pot. 

“I’m a part of the experience,” Rogen said. “There will be pottery wheels there, so I can do pottery with them. A lot of people ask me to do pottery with them or teach them a bit about pottery, so it’s something I’m happy to offer. I assume people will want to smoke weed with me; that’s also something I’m happy to do.”

Oh, yeah, and Rogen’s favorite ceramic subject these days is ashtrays.

“My journey with pottery and Houseplant were kind of parallel in a very nice way, it seemed like no one had made a new [ashtray] in the last 30 years,” Rogen said in a Zoom interview with Vogue in the fall. He added that his search for nice ashtrays is what compelled him to become a serious potter.

“I couldn’t be happier because the brand was truly born out of what I was already doing.” During the pandemic, Rogen worked the clay in his home pottery studio. “Having my own kiln is like a real revelatory thing in terms of learning and experimenting.”

Some advice: You’ll need to get on Airbnb's site and book online for the available nights which are February 15, 16 and 17 for two guests each for the deeply discounted price of $42 for US residents. More advice: Be online by 10 am PT.

Also, Houseplant explicitly noted that while this is a cannabis-friendly experience, no actual products will officially be provided, so it’s strictly BYOWeed.

In case you're not among the lucky ones to visit Rogen's house in person, check out this very entertaining house tour he provided to Architectural Digest.



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