This Cannabis Brand Is Expanding To New Markets Through Partnerships With Multistate Operators

Because marijuana is illegal at the federal level and cannot be transported across state lines, it can be challenging for cannabis brands to expand into new markets — but it’s not impossible.

Cannabis brands can expand beyond their home states in a few ways. One is by winning a license and buying or leasing a facility that will enable them to manufacture their products. The other is teaming up with a company that’s already established in the markets they’re targeting.

That’s what California-based Old Pal is doing. Last year, the brand teamed up with TILT Holdings Inc. TILT TLLTF to make its pre-rolled joints and vape cartridges available in Massachusetts and Pennsylvania. In Pennsylvania, TILT was particularly helpful in helping Old Pal adapt its products to the state’s strict regulations, said Rusty Wilenkin, co-founder and CEO of Old Pal.

TILT is a multistate operator (MSO) that works with brand owners to support their needs. Through its portfolio of companies that provide technology, hardware, cultivation and production, TILT helps cannabis businesses build brands. The company serves brands and retailers in 25 states in the U.S., Canada, Israel, Mexico, South America and the European Union.

“Having a partner that has the infrastructure in a market and is excited to work with brands is amazing,” Wilenkin said. “They’ve quickly made us a top brand in the markets we’ve launched with them. It’s been a lot of fun to work with a partner that scales capacity with our marketing efforts.”

Creating A Cannabis Experience

TILT is helping spread the word about Old Pal by hosting parties, golf tournaments and other events that bring people in the industry together to learn about the brand. Old Pal and TILT recently hosted a clambake in Massachusetts that brought together about 500 budtenders and retail buyers to showcase the brand. 

“It helps get brands interacting with the people that sell their products every day,” Wilenkin said. “Old Pal is rooted in the idea of bringing people together with cannabis, whether it’s sitting around a campfire smoking a joint or golfing with a buddy.” 

TILT also is helping Old Pal develop new products. Old Pal worked with TILT’s in-house chef to formulate a bake-at-home brownie kit and is about to roll out Palitos (Little Pals), a 10-pack of 0.35-gram pre-rolled joints.  

Old Pal has also worked with partners to expand into other states including Nevada, Michigan, Oklahoma, Maryland and Ohio. While Old Pal doesn’t plan to give those partnerships up to work exclusively with TILT, it would like to explore entering new markets with the MSO. 

“As TILT continues to expand around the country, they’re definitely a partner we get excited about doing more with,” Wilenkin said. 

Featured photo by Nick Harsell on Unsplash

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