An Eye Scanner That Detects Cannabis Use? It Exists And The Police Could Implement It Soon

An Eye Scanner That Detects Cannabis Use? It Exists And The Police Could Implement It Soon

By Franca Quarneti via El Planteo

Gaize, a US company based in Montana, has developed a device that can scan users' eyes to detect if they are under the influence of cannabis.

As reported by High Times, this invention could be used to detect intoxicated drivers, and the US police forces are considering using this new technology, although too many details have not yet emerged.

Ken Fichtler, the founder of Gaize, stated: “I preface all of this by saying that I am in favor of legalizing cannabis. I'm doing this because I see a clear need at the federal level to have some product to detect spoilage so we can keep the roads safe."

How exactly does the device work? The device is a kind of virtual reality headset, which envelops the user in darkness and then emits bright lights to scan the movement of the person's eyeballs.

For instance, the scan results cannot be used as evidence in court, but police officers could use it if they suspect someone is driving under the influence of cannabis.

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In fact, the device doesn't quantify impairment like traditional breathalyzers, but it can indicate if a person's eyes aren't responding to stimuli as they normally should.

Meanwhile, Gaize's technology is based on several studies covering the effect of cannabis on eye movement. The same company even conducted a clinical trial of 350 participants.

“What we are actually doing is directly measuring how deterioration manifests itself in the body, which I think is a much more rational, measured, and fair path to follow,” Fichtler told High Times.

And he concluded: “It is being evaluated by some very high-profile departments. Not all have adopted it yet, but some have. My hope is that in a couple of years, maybe this will be some kind of standard practice."

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