A Clash Of Titans: Tim Seymour and Jason Wild Speak At Benzinga Cannabis Conference

The 2022 Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference had a slew of great presenters and speakers but only one Clash of Titans: Tim Seymour and Jason Wild. Seymour and Wild, both investors in the cannabis space, offered insights into the industry. 

Jason Wild is the founder and chief investment officer of TerrAscend TRSSF and JW Asset Management, an investment fund focused on the cannabis space. Seymour is the founder and chief investment officer of Seymour Asset Management as well as a regular contributor to CNBC. 

One strategy the pair discussed was the importance of letting winners ride. 

“There’s a lot of people I know who are wired to sell their winners and hold their losers,” Wild told attendees at the conference in the Miami Fontainebleau Hotel. “I’m wired the opposite… I’m not afraid to buy more of my winners.” 

Wild and Seymour also discussed the philosophy of investing so heavily in industry. You have to be convicted and not emotional as an investor, especially in a space like cannabis that has seen so many pops and selloffs. 

But despite the recent weakness in the cannabis industry, Wild and Seymour remain bullish on the space and confident in the future of the companies they are investing in. 

Wild had an interesting path to cannabis and talked about his journey from a pharmacist to a cannabis investor and executive. 

“We had a big exit in 2015 from a pharmaceutical company,” Wild said. “I felt like the writing was on the wall that Big Pharma was in trouble. I got a call from a banker up in Canada saying that they just legalized cannabis… so I jumped at the opportunity.” 



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