10 Best Marijuana Strains To Watch A Movie

This article was originally published on Askgrowers and appears here with permission.

Marijuana can make everything better if you know what strain, dose, and setting to choose. A lot of consumers just love playing video games or watching some great movies after they roll up a joint or bake some edibles. Why? Because cannabis can make good moments excellent. The horrors are scarier, the comedies are funnier, and melodramas are more romantic. Indie films are becoming more creative, and documentaries are easier-to-understand. But which of the hundreds strains to choose to turn watching a movie into the euphoric experience? Well, let us find out.

What Effects a Good Strain for Watching Movies Should Produce?

This question is very difficult to answer. The thing is it depends on plenty of factors and circumstances. To narrow the search, just ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Do I want to watch a drama, comedy, thriller, etc.?
  2. Do I want to watch it alone or with my friends?
  3. When do I want to watch it, in the middle of the day or maybe in the evening?
  4. What effect would I like to feel, energy or relaxation?

There are tons of great strains for watching a movie. You can choose an energetic one, the laugh-inducing machine, a strain that will make you creative and focused, and so on. Still, though the number of possible effects and characteristics is overwhelming, there are some top strains, which are considered the best when it comes to watching movies.

1. Blue Diesel

Basic characteristics of Blue Diesel (Blue City Diesel or New Blue Diesel):

  • THC – 16 – 19%
  • CBD – 0.49 – 0.34%
  • Terpenes – Pinene, Ocimene, Phellandrene
  • Hybrid
  • Energetic, Aroused, Talkative

Blue Diesel has famous parents. They are still popular Blueberry and NYC Diesel gave birth to this hybrid, and their offspring is even better than parents, at least when it comes to movies. It is a great relaxing strain, which, however, will not make you hungry or sleepy. Moreover, this is definitely the daytime strain, so avoid consuming it late in the evening. The best thing about Blue Diesel is that it takes all the worst things away. It will rid you of pain, nausea, mind and body tension without bringing anxiety and/or paranoia. This is the pure body high, and you will be able to enjoy it to the fullest when watching a movie and feeling that smooth mind high, too.

2. Black Diamond

Basic characteristics of Black Diamond:

  • THC – 16.7 – 20.7%
  • CBD – 0.02 – 0.22%
  • Terpenes – Linalool, Caryophyllene, Camphene
  • Indica
  • Euphoric, Giggly, Energetic

If you are thinking that “this one might be a good option,” we have the only message for you, and it goes like this: “Just buy more snacks.” You will definitely need a lot of food, more than you usually eat when watching TV. This earthy, musky strain that tastes like red wine is pretty strong: it will not only make you giggle all the time but also make you hungrier than you have ever been. Still, these are not the only things you need to know about Black Diamond. It is used both for medicinal and recreational purposes. Moreover, it is considered medical rather than recreational strain because it helps people with bipolar, patients suffering from pain or insomnia, as well as consumers who want to get rid of stress. At the same time, it is one of the best recreational strains ever, and it is just ideal for watching a good comedy.

3. Alice In Wonderland

Basic characteristics of Alice In Wonderland:

  • THC – 18 – 21%
  • CBD – 0.35 – 1.09%
  • Terpenes – Bisabolol, Valencene, Ocimene
  • Sativa
  • Giggly, Uplifted, Energetic

As you can see, this is a new strain (you will also find some more new strains below). Though it seems nothing is known about it, there is a lot to say about Alice In Wonderland strain. How is this possible? Well, people like to try something new from time to time, right? After all, it is cannabis, and the only things except for levels we can rely on are our own and others’ opinions, so let us consider them now. So what to expect from Alice in Wonderland? The most frequently mentioned effect is creativity and introspect. Well, that is exactly what we need when watching serious movies that make you think. This is not the best strain for social interaction, though. You are likely to be focused on a movie and nothing but a movie. It is not for nighttime use, so if you are going to watch a movie before bed, this might be the wrong option. But if you need something that will keep you focused and pretty energetic, Alice is just the best!

4. Chemdawg

Basic characteristics of Chemdawg (Chemdog):

  • THC – 18 – 20%
  • CBD – 0.72 – 1.81%
  • Terpenes – Pinene, Bisabolol, Humulene
  • Hybrid
  • Euphoric, Giggly, Creative

The first thing that we need to say about Chemdawg is that newbies should avoid it or at least consume very, very carefully. You will be able to increase the dosage later, but do not use “the higher dose the better” approach. Daily consumers, however, will appreciate the feeling of euphoria, happiness, and relaxation. It will also make you giggle from time to time, even if you choose the most boring movie ever. It is also a great strain for people who want to get great cerebral experience, enjoy a movie with a boyfriend or girlfriend and then enjoy the time after watching a movie to the fullest, too. Chemdog is inspiring if you know what we mean. Generally speaking, this is a very potent, uplifting strain that is perfect for watching cool films, partying, playing board games, etc.

5. White Widow

Basic characteristics of White Widow:

  • THC – 16 – 18%
  • CBD – 0.46 – 0.97%
  • Terpenes – Pinene, Carene, Camphene
  • Sativa
  • Creative, Hungry, Focused

White Widow is the best strain for watching a movie without really watching a movie. We mean it is great when a few friends are browsing a comedy to take a good laugh not at the jokes in the film but to the jokes they make during a conversation. This strain makes you creative. It makes you feel euphoria and energy. It definitely does not work for dramas or horrors (unless you and your friends usually gather to laugh at screamers and horrible CGI.) Still, you will be very attentive to details, if necessary. In general, this is the ideal mix of chill and energy, no wonder a lot of consumers use it as the daytime strain. The good news is it does not make you anxious or paranoid, so if the dose is right, you will hardly feel serious side effects. Not all people like the taste, but it can be said of any other strain, too.

6. Wookie

Basic characteristics of Wookie:

  • THC – 17.5 – 19.5%
  • CBD – 0.15 – 0.68%
  • Terpenes – Limonene, Pinene, Carene
  • Hybrid
  • Calm, Relaxed

It is a very potent strain, so be careful. Still, the right dose of this amazing strain will take away pain, stress, and anxiety. You will feel its effects immediately, and the good news is also that paranoia, overload, and haziness are not some of them. This strain is not too energizing and definitely relaxing and euphoric. In general, it is great for watching some good, creative indie movies at night. The citrusy smell is absolutely amazing, too. You can still stay focused after you roll up a joint – there is no damage to your productivity. By the way, if you want to grow some plants yourself, Wookie can be a nice option to get started. It is fairly easy to grow due to its resilience, so why not give it a try?

7. Belladonna

Basic characteristics of Belladonna:

  • THC – 18 – 26%
  • CBD – 0.14 – 1.22%
  • Terpenes – Camphene, Humulene, Limonene
  • Hybrid
  • Focused, Calm, Giggly

This is the relatively new strain on the market, and it is definitely not as popular as ACDC, Blue Dream or Bubba Kush, but chances are that it is about to change. This is the Sativa-dominant hybrid that has some of the best Indica properties, too. This strain is perfect not only for movies but also for video games, so if you are going to spend the part of the night with your PS or Netflix account, this is definitely the must-try. As for the effects, they are amazing – this is mostly about body relaxation and mental stimulation, and yes, Belladonna can lift your mood, too. However, not all strains can relieve pain well, and this one is certainly not a pain reliever. Still, this is recreational weed created to produce mellow hypnotic effects, and it is doing its job.

8. Laughing Buddha

Basic characteristics of Laughing Buddha:

  • THC – from 19 to 21%
  • CBD – 1.02 – 1.92%
  • Terpenes – Limonene, Carene, Valencene
  • Sativa
  • Relaxed, Tingly

This is one of the best strains for watching a good (or even not really good) comedy. No dramas, no thrillers, no horrors, just a comedy and tons of giggling. It is the laugh-inducing machine, and that is why it is used to treat depression and other mood disorders this often. It will make you feel truly happy, but we do not recommend you to use it as the nighttime strain. If you roll up a joint with Happy Buddha, you will spend a great but sleepless time. Special attention should be paid to its unique and distinct sweet and fruity flavor with some spicy hints. A lot of consumers just love it! Generally speaking, this is a great energizing and uplifting strain for watching a movie in the early evening, especially if your friends are also here.

9. OG LA Affie

Basic characteristics of OG LA Affie:

  • THC – 22%
  • CBD – unknown
  • Terpenes – Myrcene, Caryophyllene, Limonene
  • Indica
  • Relaxed, Sleepy, Euphoric

Yes, we have another Mr. Incognito here. It may seem that there is no reason to include this strain to our list because we do not really know anything about it, but after all, it is not about the numbers and percentages but about the effects, right? So what a consumer should expect from OG LA Affie? Firstly, we should emphasize that it does not really make you sleepy. It makes you relaxed. It is also euphoric, inspired, creative, sensational, and makes you feel the strong body high. The best thing is that the consumer is still clear-headed, so if you want to watch a movie, really understand what is going on in it, and remember it, OG LA Affie is one of the best options, despite the fact that this is the calming Indica. The high is long-lasting, so you will be enjoying these effects for long hours.

10. Sour Tsunami

Basic characteristics of Sour Tsunami:

  • THC – 15 – 18%
  • CBD – 9.89 – 12.1%
  • Terpenes – Limonene, Humulene, Valencene
  • Hybrid
  • Sedated, Euphoric, Giggly

The last but not the least strain in our list is the high CBD Sour Tsunami strain. This is one of the first strains that were initially bred for cannabidiol, and only for it. Consumers love it not only because it can treat pain and reduce the inflammatory process without making you feel super sedated. This is the stain for body high, but most consumers also note that they feel medium mind high, too. It is just a perfect balance for those who want to relax after a hard, stressful day, and just enjoy the movie and absolute tranquility. If you want to feel relaxed and focused, get rid of body and mind tension, forget about work, stress, problems, Sour Tsunami is just the best.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, strains for watching a movie can be really different. Some of them will make you and your friends giggle all the time even if you are watching something as “hilarious” as one of the last Adam Sandler’s comedy movies. Some will allow you to have the ultimate, amazing rest, make you feel super-relaxed and at the same time, uplifted. There are also strains that make you focused and creative, and that is also great when you want to remember and understand everything that happens in the film. In other words, there are tons of options. Just choose the strain that works for you!

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