Massive Cannabis Grow Up And Running (And Blooming) In Lawrence Michigan

Cannabis plants, thousands of them, are sprouting in Michigan.

350 Farms, the 40-acre, $110 million cannabis grow site - one of the largest artificial light marijuana grow operations in the state - will soon harvest thousands of plants at its 44,000-square-foot building in Lawrence, Michigan. 

After more than two years of hands-on work, the newly harvested buds will be dried, given over to trimmers then made into cannabis oil, gummies, prerolls or sold as good old-fashion flower.

305 Farms will only sell cannabis with 25% THC or higher. The idea is to produce high-quality boutique strains, including sativa products, which a lot of other businesses do not offer, said VP of business development Mitchell Maltz. The products will be sold under the label Workers Cannabis and be available at some stores, but the company also plans to open its own dispensaries, Maltz added, according to MichiganLive. 

Workers Cannabis, a union of marijuana brands representing only best quality products available across Michigan, guarantees not only in product quality but labor practices backed by fair wages, practices and prices, according to 305 Farm’s website.

Keeping It Local

In the coming months, 305 Farms is expected to open small shops in rural areas, where the focus will be on delivery via an app that will allow people to order products and find the closest dispensary to them.

By 2025, 305 Farms plans to have 80,000 marijuana plants and 350,000 square feet of growing and processing space in Lawrence.

“We’re not going to be in the Detroit metro area. We’re not going to be in Grand Rapids,” Maltz said. “We’re going to be in rural areas around the state.”

The company also wants to help mom and pop shops by working out ways for Workers Cannabis to be on their shelves with a hybrid deal to help the smaller companies rather than 'big cannabis.'

Environmentally Conscious

In addition to using LED artificial grow lights, which consume less electricity, the company will recycle 95% of the water used in growing its plants. 

Photo by Richard T on Unsplash

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