Charlotte's Web: Positive Results In Clinical Trial Of Hemp-Derived CBD For Stress, Sleep And Well-Being

Charlotte's Web Holdings, CWEB CWBHF reported positive results from a randomized, controlled, clinical trial study which evaluated the effectiveness of its hemp-derived CBD extracts. Charlotte's Web participated in the Radicle ACES (Advancing CBD Education and Science) study, conducted by Radicle Science - an independent health tech company validating health and wellness products.

As part of a larger study, hundreds of participants from across the US used Charlotte's Web Original Formula for four weeks and were assessed for key health outcomes across five domains including general well-being, quality of life, sleep quality, feelings of daily stress or discomfort. Researchers conducted the study using standardized scientific methods for measuring each outcome and tracked their progress repeatedly throughout the study.

"As a hemp company driven by sound science, we were encouraged by the Radicle Science study," said Tim Orr, president of Charlotte's Web Labs. "Independent third-party research and reporting on the efficacy of hemp wellness products help build long term consumer trust and is an ongoing commitment of Charlotte's Web."

Jeff Chen, co-founder and CEO of Radicle Science further commented on the objective of the research.

"We're applying modern science to prove or predict the effectiveness of CBD products used by tens of millions of Americans every day," said  "Our objective is to deliver accurate, transparent, and actionable insights to help create trust and transparency for the CBD industry."

Study Participants: People in the study regularly taking Charlotte's Web Original Formula on average realized a distinct and palpable improvement in their quality of life and well-being. A majority of them also experienced clinically meaningful improvements across the other health domains studied including sleep quality and feelings of daily stress or discomfort as compared to the baseline, before they started taking Charlotte's Web. People on average showed significant improvements as compared to the control group who did not take any hemp extract.

This clinical trial helps confirm the benefits of Charlotte's Web full spectrum hemp extract as 64% of participants with symptoms of stress experienced meaningful improvements versus only 22% of the control group. 60% struggling with sleep issues experienced improvement versus only 15% of the control group. Participants who took Charlotte's Web experienced a significant 74% improvement in their well-being assessed using the World Health Organization (WHO)-5 Well Being Index. The study also showed that Charlotte's Web worked quickly with notable improvements on average occurring within the first week.

"Charlotte's Web and other responsible participants in the CBD industry continue prudent research investment to contribute data on the safety and efficacy of hemp. This increases the standard of trust and transparency for consumers, healthcare providers, and regulators," said Jacques Tortoroli, CEO of Charlotte's Web.

"The rigor, large scale and intentional heterogeneity of our studies deliver the first ever scalable path to validate the health effects of health and wellness products," said Pelin Thorogood, co-founder and executive chair of Radicle Science. "We are proud to partner with industry leaders such as Charlotte's Web to inform evidence-based decision making for consumers, brands, healthcare providers and regulators alike, increasing trust and transparency for the CBD industry."

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