New Cannabis Brand 'Terps' Comes To The Rescue Of Legacy Weed Growers

New Cannabis Brand 'Terps' Comes To The Rescue Of Legacy Weed Growers

By Franca Quarneti via El Planteo.

In California, traditional cannabis growers are going through a difficult situation due to the oversupply of cannabis markets.

That's why Bentley Rolling, photographer, filmmaker and cannabis activist, teamed up with Doc Ray, a well-known grower, and stabilizer of legendary strains, to launch Terps.

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Their intention? They seek to bring consumers rare genetics stabilized by the best artisanal growers in the United States, such as Savage Farms and SoHum Royal Cannabis Co.

Speaking with Forbes' Lindsey Bartlett, Bentley and Doc explained what consumers can do to help small growers.

"Consumers can ask questions at the counter. Over in Eureka, in Humboldt County, there are more dispensaries per square inch than you can imagine. There were 200 damn pre rolls on the four shelves in a glass case I couldn’t touch. I was looking for our stuff, I couldn’t find our stuff. For the average consumer, it’s daunting. It’s very daunting. I ask the consumer to not look for the most branded stuff on the shelf, but look for the white packaging, the simple printing, the mom and pop cultivator," Doc Ray noted.

"The small cultivators take more pain and time and energy, we do more with what we put in the ground, all these steps we take that mass producers do not do. We ask the consumer to engage with us in this process," he added.

"It’s like looking for your organic produce or your grass-fed meat. It’s the same process: be conscious, ask those questions, know who’s growing your flower. You can look at the jar and see who is funded by the corporate overlords versus the true craft growers," Bentley Rolling stated.

Meanwhile, the first strains Terps will release are Black Apple Kush, Blue Skunk, Orange Cream Frost, and Pheno Select #5.

Terps will hit the market with a small batch for Christmas (Bentley says: "It's about 5 pounds of each crop. When it's gone, it's gone. Like a unicorn") and will launch its full line by Valentine's Day.

Photo Courtesy Of Bentley Rollings

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