Healing With Cannabis: A Look Into The Heavenly Center

Healing With Cannabis: A Look Into The Heavenly Center

By Steven Palmer (a.k.a. Hazey Taughtme).

Substance use disorder is one of the most prevalent issues in our society today.

So much so that the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) estimates that nearly 20 million Americans have fought a substance abuse issue since 2017. Although substance abuse is a keynote topic among community activists and socially-minded lawmakers, the numbers continue to climb at an unprecedented rate.

For most, substance use disorder isn't a figment of the media. Instead, drug addiction is in our communities, our families, and ourselves. When the urge to indulge tips the scale — it's time to seek balance.

Meet The Heavenly Center — a Los Angeles-based treatment center that's re-imagining therapy with the help of a surprising candidate: cannabis.

The Names Behind The Heavenly Center

The Heavenly Center is the brainchild of Steve Lobel and Scott Storch.

Steve Lobel, a music industry icon, has worked with Run DMC, Nipsey Hussle, Bone Thugs n' Harmony, and many more.

Scott Storch is a talented music producer and songwriter with a long list of hits, such as Dr. Dre's Still D.R.E. and Terror Squad's Lean Back.

Although Steve Lobel and Scott Storch are highly regarded in the Hip Hop industry, Scott Storch understands drug addiction’s pitfalls firsthand. Ever since Scott's addiction to cocaine in 2006 and subsequent trip to rehab, it's evident that The Heavenly Center is built from experience and the desire to lend a helping hand to those in need.

Rehab — Re-Imagined

The Heavenly Center is a holistic rehab center that thinks outside-of-the-box.

Unlike traditional rehabilitation centers, The Heavenly Center engages with clients personally and philosophically with the help of a versatile treatment plan.

Most importantly, The Heavenly Center offers a cannabis-assisted treatment plan. Let's look at how cannabis in a controlled environment can help individuals during the recovery process.

Cannabis-Assisted Treatment

At The Heavenly Center, cannabis is medicine.

Clients can opt-in to the cannabis-assisted treatment if they choose. If a client chooses the cannabis-assisted treatment program, a professional works with the patient to determine the optimal cannabis dose.

The Heavenly Center utilizes THC and CBD-rich forms of edibles, flowers, vaporizers, topicals, and extracts to assist patients during the recovery process. Although some critics believe cannabis is an addictive substance, scientific research proves otherwise.

According to research, cannabinoids provide an effective intervention for addictive behaviors. From drug abuse to OCD, cannabinoids are proven to disrupt the psychological bridge that rewards addictive behavior.

The Road to Recovery

The Heavenly Center's ultimate goal is to help individuals recover from drug addiction.

However, The Heavenly Center recognizes that there isn't a single path to recovery. Instead, THC’s professionals understand that each individual requires a personalized touch that can include a regimen of cannabis.

By offering a safe space to heal from addiction, Steve Lobel and Scott Storch's The Heavenly Center is a one-of-a-kind treatment center that proves cannabis’s therapeutic nature.

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