Video: The Science Of Cannabis And CBD With Four Leading Experts

While there is mounting anecdotal evidence on the therapeutic benefits of cannabis and CBD, including their anti-inflammatory and anxiolytic effects, we still don’t fully understand the underlying biological mechanisms leading to their efficacy, or why they can be effective for some people, but not for others.

Groundbreaking new human studies from UC San Diego, University of Utah, and the Wholistic Research and Education Foundation are about to change all that:

  • How do THC and CBD influence large-scale brain networks involved in pain, stress, attention, executive function, emotion regulation, and cognition?
  • Why do CBD and THC have different effects for different individuals?
  • Does CBD hold a therapeutic promise for Autism and other neurodevelopmental diseases, and if so, how?

Watch the expert panel put together by Trailblazers, moderated by Benzinga Cannabis Managing Director and El Planteo CEO Javier Hasse, to learn about the cutting edge, multidisciplinary studies underway to explore just how cannabis and CBD deliver their diverse health benefits.


  • Pelin Thorogood - President and Co-Founder, Wholistic Research and Education Foundation.
  • Dr Alysson Muotri, PhD - Professor of Cellular and Molecular Medicine + Director of the Stem Cell Program at the Institute for Genomic Medicine at UC San Diego/
  • Dr. Gabriel Silva, Ph.D. - Professor of Bioengineering and Neuroscience + Founding Director of the Center for Engineered Natural Intelligence (CENI) at UC San Diego + Associate Director, Kavli Institute for Brain and Mind.
  • Dr. Jeff Anderson, M.D. Ph.D. - Professor of Radiology and Imaging Sciences + Director of Functional Imaging at the University of Utah.

Photo: Pelin Thorogood announcing the Trailblazers Partnership with Wholistic Foundation August 18, 2019 with , Dr. Jeff Chen , Dr. Jeff Anderson, and Tyler Wakstein.

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