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Amidst The COVID-19 Pandemic: Interesting Findings From The US Cannabis Consumers

April 6, 2020 2:26 pm
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Amidst The COVID-19 Pandemic: Interesting Findings From The US Cannabis Consumers

Article contributed by American Marijuana.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused panic among the global population, but it has also altered the U.S. cannabis consumer’s buying preferences.

With items such as face masks, toilet papers, hand sanitizers, and food, being the most important during these times, which do you think they value more?

Let’s look at a survey conducted by AmericanMarijuana.org where 990 U.S. cannabis consumers participated.

Many U.S. Marijuana Consumers Would Choose Marijuana Products Over Face Masks Amid The COVID-19 Pandemic

According to the study, 5% of U.S. marijuana consumers would still rather buy or value marijuana products more than food. On the contrary, 28% of the survey participants value marijuana more than face masks.

Even though hand sanitizers are an essential thing during these times, roughly 15% find it not as valuable as buying marijuana products.

weed vs other

Moreover, people are panic-buying toilet papers in fear of lockdown or heightened community quarantine but only 83% find it valuable while the remaining 17% of survey participants would just rather get themselves marijuana products.

Dwight K. Blake, editor in chief of AmericanMarijuana.org, commented: “The fact that this many cannabis consumers in American don’t see value in what’s more vital during these times (such as wearing masks) somehow explains why America is now the third-highest country with the most number of active positive coronavirus cases…”

Noticias sobre cannabis en Español en El Planteo.

At the time of this writing, New York has the highest confirmed coronavirus case in the U.S.

Many U.S. Marijuana Consumers Did Stock Up on Marijuana Amidst The COVID-19 Pandemic

While other people stocked up only on essentials such as food, hand sanitizers, face masks, and toilet papers, about 482 out of 990 survey participants also stocked up on marijuana products.

“… but those who stayed indoors also included marijuana products in their “valuable items” checklist. This explains why people are queuing up in front of cannabis stores and taking advantage of ways to save weed during a coronavirus outbreak.”, Dwight added.

U.S Marijuana Consumers Stock Up On Marijuana Amidst the COVID-19 Outbreak to “Calm” Themselves and “Chill”

Of the 482 survey participants that did stock up on marijuana products, over 55% (267) clarified that they did so to calm themselves during the pandemic chaos while 23% (111) of them did so in fear of marijuana products shortage.

Roughly 22% (104) just stock up on marijuana products just because they want to chill at home and not care about the global pandemic at all.

“This does seem like “chilling at home with some weed” could potentially help them calm themselves should the situation. get worse.” – Dwight.

Reason Why the U.S Marijuana Consumers DID NOT Stock Up On Marijuana Products Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic

Of the 508 survey participants that did not stock up on marijuana products, 35% (178) mentioned they did so as they prioritize stocking up on more valuable items such as toilet paper, face masks, and hand sanitizers.

36% (183) of them didn’t worry about marijuana product shortage while 29% (147) didn’t find any reason to stock up on any marijuana products.

Dwight continued: “This result does line up with the fact that half of the survey takers did not stock up marijuana. It appears that there are still marijuana product consumers in the U.S. that would give up on weed to prioritize other more valuable items.”

U.S Marijuana Consumers Prefer Smoking Weed Over In-door Sports or Surfing The Internet

Of the 990 survey takers, 28.08% would rather binge-watch TV shows, taking the largest share of the survey takers.

But more specifically, 16.67% of the survey takers would just smoke weed during these high times should the U.S. government impose a nationwide quarantine, showing that marijuana consumers prefer smoking weed than doing indoor exercises/sports (with only 13.43%) and surfing the internet (15.05%).
If the U.S Government Imposes Nationwide Quarantine like Italy, Which Among the Following Activities Would you Rather Do?

Dwight even stressed: “A good portion of the U.S. marijuana consumers doesn’t seem to be affected at all should the U.S. government decides to impose a nationwide quarantine as long as they have some marijuana products they could consume at home.”

Some of the U.S. Marijuana Consumers Used/Consumed More Marijuana Products since the COVID-19 Outbreak

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, 655 of the 990 survey participants weren’t affected by the global pandemic and consumed their usual average marijuana dosage while 335 confirmed they used/consumed more marijuana products.

“Connecting with the previous results, I believe one of the reasons they had to consume more than their regular dosage is to reap the calming effects of marijuana.” – Dwight added.

Most U.S Marijuana Consumers Still Stay Positive towards The COVID-19 Pandemic

About 54.24% of the U.S. marijuana consumers that took the survey felt calm amidst the coronavirus global pandemic as they believe everything is going to be alright.

While 40.20% are worried sick about the unfortunate news, it’s still surprising to see that 5.56% of them don’t care at all.

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The preceding article is from one of our external contributors. It does not represent the opinion of Benzinga and has not been edited.

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