After Some Debate, Ann Arbor's Hash Bash Postpones 2020 Date Amid Coronavirus Threat

In keeping with Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s request to limit crowds to stunt the spread of the coronavirus, organizers of the University of Michigan’s annual “Hash Bash” — one of the state’s largest and longest running pot parties — has been rescheduled.

The event, traditionally held in early April, will now take place in the fall.

What To Know

"It is with a heavy heart that we must postpone the 49th Hash Bash, "Hash Bash lead organizer Nick Zettell confirmed via Twitter. "To protect the health and safety of our participants, we will not be gathering on the Diag this April. We are so grateful for you, our attendees, Monroe Street Fair, and U of M. We love you all!"

Hash Bash had originally announced on Twitter that Hash Bash was being postponed, but walked back the statement. 

"In light of the news surrounding COVID-19, Hash Bash will be making proactive moves to help protect our participants & the greater overall interests of public health, by postponing to the fall," Hash Bash announced via Twitter Wednesday morning.

However, Zettell said the person behind the first tweet had acted too hastily, and a decision had yet to be made.

"We’re taking it very seriously right now and looking at all options and coordinating with the university to determine what their policy says and what developments might occur with public events on campus," Zettell told the Detroit Free Press. "By week's end, we'll figure out what our best move is."

He nonetheless advised cannabis users to be cautious sharing smoking instruments.

Why It’s Important

The Monroe Street Fair, a sister event to Hash Bash, has definitively rescheduled for the fall.

Hash Bash has drawn thousands of marijuana lovers to Ann Arbor since the first gathering in 1972, but its economic impacts on the region are unknown. It’s certainly a much smaller gathering than other events, like South by Southwest or Coachella, whose cancellations have disrupted local businesses.

On Wednesday, the University of Michigan cancelled all in-class meetings and decided to shift to virtual courses for the remainder of the semester.

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